Don’t Cry, Don’t Cry

I should explain this one. One of my best friends lost his dad very recently. That, combined with memories of losing my own father, inspired this piece. I hope you like it.
And here I lay,
In quiet repose,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And so I’m gone,
Like summers rose,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And darkness now,
Is all I’ll see,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And in your heart,
I’ll forever be,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And in your loss,
A strength you’ll find,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And moon and stars,
Will oft’ remind,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And life I lived,
With love so loud,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And be your all,
And make me proud,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.


To close my eyes
And see the stars
With night so laid
Before me;
I could not ask
For more than this
While laying here
In glory.

The thickness of
A passing dream
The space between
A heartbeat;
The length of time
From now to then
That makes the night
So complete.

To taste the moon
On lips of blood
And touch the skin
Of beauty;
To gaze in awe
At heavens form
Displayed in you
Before me.

Who knew a night
Could offer so
The chance of sweet
I give my all
And so succumb
To your revealed

Reblog : The Watches Of The Dark

Faithful readers,
In honour of William Shakespeare’s birthday, I thought I’d reblog this effort at ‘Shakespearean language’.
I hope you like it.


Though shy, thou art,
in beauty kept,
the world would pause
and be so swept
away ‘pon waves
of jealous sea
by sweetness shown
to such as me.

Enraptured heart
so owned by thee,
celestial grace
and gloried be,
my blessed life
enlightened so
by passions kiss
in moonlights glow.

With rising sun
the precious dawn
still fades when shown
thy perfect form,
and in this mornings
revealing light,
my eyes doth see
thy beauty bright.

Stay here with me
in life so shared,
where days will pass
without a care,
and in the watches
of the dark,
you’ll tame my body,
my soul and heart.

Blood Red Moon

The blood red moon
It calls to me;
As iron tides
In magnet sea.
This wrenching pull
In darkened night
Of lunar face;
It tortures me.

The blood red moon
It watches me;
Through shadowed glass
And naked trees.
What evil deeds
To so inspire
Deep within;
It frightens me.

The blood red moon
Lears in at me;
So seeing all
In restless peace.
I cannot hide
Though hard I try
And so it burns;
The heart of me.

Oh blood red moon
I welcome thee;
Come free this beast
Inside of me.
Desire formed
In soul within
Thy crimson hue;
It calls to me.

Reblog : Waves

Hello dear readers. It’s been a bit of a shit few days, but I’m feeling more positive today. I re-read this today, and I remembered how much I liked it. So I decided to reblog it while my muse works away in my sleeping mind. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.


And where the boats wait,
with their sails safely furled,
we sit on the dock
to discuss this mad world.

What bricks can life fling
at our dream slowly made,
to tear all asunder
plans carefully laid?

“Let’s steal a boat”
you state into the day,
“and sail across oceans
to lands far away”.

“But darling” I cry
with a smile on my lips,
“I do not have knowing
of sailing and ships”.

“Don’t worry, dear heart”
you reply with a laugh
“for the waves they will take us
as long as love lasts”.

We kiss as the seagulls
fly high overhead,
and waves stir up treasures
from the darkened sea bed.

We can’t steal a boat
to lands far away,
but perhaps we can dream
for just this one day.

And waves in the ocean
will roll in and depart,
but they won’t outlast
this love in my heart.

One More Night

Swimming pictures;
Focus in and focus out
On the winding walk home.
One more beer, one more beer,
No harm is done with one more beer.

Such distance;
It never took this long
To get to where my bed is.
One more step, one more step,
I’ll get back home with one more step.

Smiles recalled;
Laughter comes easy
When sweet alcohol flows.
One more joke, one more joke,
Make us all roar with one more joke.

Out again;
Into the evening
Where the bright neon plays.
One more night, one more night,
Let’s hit the town for one more night.

Reblog : EspaƱa

Another reblog. I can’t remember why I wrote this, what inspired it etc. and even though it’s not my best work (“what is?” I hear you cry…) I kind of like this. Hope you do too. And I am working on another new original piece.

It dances,
this sunshine smothered language
of sweet, hot evenings,
tasting of cheap wine and
Any word,
a curse, a question,
a passionate exclamation,
sings with the dust of
El Toro.
The tumbling verbs,
the bubbling nouns,
the most mundane subject
excites like a fiery tango.
Stuck in this vanilla, cardigan
textured room,
the sound of this exquisite language
takes me to Spanish climes.