Dorothy Parker

Prince fans will know the inspiration for this …

Dorothy Parker worked the till,
In the café on Orange Street,
When coffee was the only cure
She kept it hot and sweet.
Always quick with smile and laugh,
She kept the customs care,
No one ever turned away,
All were welcome there.

Dorothy Parker grace in view,
Men would love and lose,
She spent her time on idle thoughts,
And singing soft the blues.
One step removed from those about,
She gave a friendly smile,
And if you really were in need,
She’d let you stay awhile.

Dorothy Parker caught the eye,
Of man with dour intent,
Although in looks a gentle soul,
He had an inner bent.
This perfect face and body fair,
Her welcome words and smile,
She would be his in darkened night,
For deeds both foul and vile.

Dorothy Parker so unaware,
Her usual day began,
Not knowing that she’d been picked out
By such an evil man.
At end of day when work was done,
And time came to go home,
As evening fell in Orange Street
She was no more alone.

Dorothy Parker never more,
Was seen on Orange Street,
The café where she kept her place
Did mourn someone so sweet.
What evil beats in heart of man,
To break a body fair?
All she ever wanted was to smile
And show she cared.

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