Come With Me

One of those pieces that just fell out of me, hurriedly written and posted. Hope you like it.

Come with me
My precious one,
We’ll journey where the dreams
To drink the wine of summers past
From fragile jade and golden glass,
We’ll build a future set to last,
My darling precious one.

Come with me
My truest one,
We’ll take the road no others
We’ll hear the words the poets write
That paint the page with pictures bright,
We’ll make a world in heavens sight,
My darling truest one.

Come with me
My loving one,
We’ll leave behind all sin that’s
We’ll take once more this chance on trust
The very stars will envy us,
A sweetest romance born of lust,
My darling loving one.

Whistle In The Dark

It’s been a while…

Do not whistle in the dark,
That’s when demons come and play.
To hunt you down
In shadows black,
To rise from hell
And drag you back,
To where the devils stay.

Do not whistle in the dark,
That’s when evil roams abroad.
To stab at heart
And tarnish soul,
To claim their prize
And charge a toll,
A price you can’t afford.

Do not whistle in the dark,
Calling forth a deathly blight.
The sun has gone
And shadows call,
Gath’ring imps and
Goblins all,
To gambol in the night.