Reblog : All Hallows’ Eve

Well, as promised when I originally posted this poem, here it is reblogged in honour of today. I will admit to not being a big fan of Halloween, but that’s not to say I don’t understand what kids see in it. I hope you like (re)reading this piece, and happy Halloween to all who celebrate it.

In collusion with these spirits,
Dark deeds are thought and done,
While wicked dreams a-plenty,
Will take free reign and run.
Amongst the whispering branches,
The wolves will chase the moon,
And in the ears of children,
The devil plays his tune.
Stars will turn in pity,
And screams will fill the air,
As horrors from the blackness,
Stand strong with evil glare.
The chill from open caskets,
The stench of rotting bones,
Will once again be welcome,
In victims hearths and homes.
For in the grip of Autumn,
When Summer’s warmth has died,
The twisted and the tortured,
Will own the world outside.
And those who be most foolish,
Caught abroad when day is done,
Would best be on their metal,
Be ready with a run.
This night is seen in glory,
To the wicked and the wild,
And terror is the watchword,
Among the the meek and mild.
So be not calm and trusting,
And do not be naive,
Unless you learn the horror true,
Of this All Hallow’s Eve.


In The Shadows

After thinking / saying that I’m not really a Halloween kind of person, this idea came to me this morning, and so I built on it. And here it is. I will also be re-blogging a Halloween themed one later, as I said I would. So two for the price of one on this All Hallows’ Eve.

You’ll see them oft’ this time of year
‘neath the bridges in the park,
Or in the gaps ‘tween houses set
Lying in the dark.

A breeze you feel when walking by
A shudder down your spine,
But be aware, don’t stray too close
Where glinting eye doth shine.

For though they pass dragging days
Away from prying eyes,
At Halloween they come to play
And shrug off their disguise.

Where shadows leak like flowing oil
And light cannot hold sway,
They wander thickly like a swarm
While waiting for their prey.

Those quiet roads you walk alone
With silence all around,
A favourite place for such as these
A treasured hunting ground.

That cupboard dark you dare not go
When finding something lost,
They’re in the corners, under shelves
Waiting to accost.

So be aware this Hallows’ Eve
And watch the moving dark,
For in the shadows deep and old
They’ll freeze your fearful heart.

Born To Hang

Another throwaway one for you all. The first two lines came to me on my walk home from work this evening and the rest came from there. Hope you like it, throwaway or not.

Born to hang
Or a legend be
The man with the glint
Of a thousand fires
In eyes that hold hard cruelty.

Born to hang
Or a saint to be
The man with a grin
Like a shark on the prowl
Patrolling the depths of the sea.

Born to hang
Or a lover to be
The man with a word
That can turn heart to stone
And cause men of power to flee.

Born to hang
Or a hero to be
The man with a voice
That oozes like oil
Filled with lies and dull misery.

Born to hang
From a dead rotten tree
A saint nor a hero
No legend to live
Nor saving redemption for me.

A Day Tinged Blue

This morning, before the sun came up, I was looking out of my window at home and the day had a distinctly blue tint to it. As though someone had turned up the ‘blue’ setting on an RGB (red, green, blue) monitor. It stayed with me all day, and now this has come out of it. Hope you like it.

Looking out to a day tinged blue
With unkind dreams and thoughts of you.
Unrelenting in it’s hold,
Who knew that heaven could get so old.
Will not a man be ever kind
And form a tool to drain a mind?
Then pictures seen when eyes are dark
Would not collect and tease this heart.
In only death will memories fade
And stop their wicked show so made.
But while in death no more to prey
That change may come and life to sway.
Such tortured choice presented so
To keep such dreams or let them go.
If I may die then peace will reign
No more the dreams, no more the pain.
But if I live then in despair
With memories cruel forever there.
Looking out to a day tinged blue
One more day to struggle through.
I’ll keep this life, the dreams that flow
For pain of you defines me so.

Holding On

Another quick one for you all – spilled out of me like an overfull saucer holding a slow burning candle…

Holding on
For the back of tomorrow
The day where things are sweet.
Holding on
For the end of the darkness
The light of love and heat.
Holding on
For the wish of the sleeping
The dreams of peace replete.
Holding on
For the passing of sorrow
Where joy and I may meet.
Holding on
For the stars everlasting
Where in the dark they greet.
Holding on
For the future that’s coming
To make my life complete.

The Promise Broke

Faithful readers…
I was lying half asleep this morning, thinking I had not written anything original for a while and I did not feel the touch of my muse at all. And then, arriving at my desk at work in an empty office, these words flowed through me and… well, here we are. A new piece. I hope you like it.

With half a kiss the promise broke
And that so built was shaken,
In eyes of grey a love was seen
But lo, I was mistaken,
Where once a gift of sweetness lay
Too soon was cruelly taken.

The want of warmth in winters cold
A cooling breath in summer,
The joy of laughter in the spring
And lust in autumns thunder,
This and more I hoped to find
In this sweet face of wonder.

But in one moment world was turned
And that so precious broken,
To wish away this history’s curse
Take back those words so spoken,
To win again this lovers heart
With some small treasured token.

Bereft to stay in sleepless night
While all alone I ponder,
Why did the tenderness so fade
Where did the passion wander,
How could I take these gifts of light
How could I quickly squander.

Forgive me please my precious love
I know not what I’m doing,
I did not see the patterns change
Did not spot trouble brewing,
Know that in this world of hurt
You’re all that’s worth pursuing.

Hidden Truth

An ocean in a billion drops
It drenches as it falls,
Between each drop a truth is seen
Enough to shatter walls,
And if you listen close enough
It speaks to one and all.

A blanket made of honeyed light
It covers hills and dales,
It’s seen amongst the faded trees
And dancing in the vales,
And if you look with open eye
You’ll see the truth it hails.

A wind to chill and fill the eaves
It sets the leaves to dance,
The patterns formed in branches sway
Are worth a lingered glance,
And with each gust amongst the clouds
The truth will take the chance.

A universe of glowing stars
Such distances between,
The multitude of planets cold
That never may be seen,
Still hold a place for such a truth
As sun’s perpetual gleam.

Each person has this truth defined
Within their heart and soul,
And all through life it’s never seen
’til reaching heavens goal,
And no one could, with conscience clear
Let such a truth be told.