The Quiet Night

You hush me with admonished
sigh, a whisper in the quiet night.
My passion cries, but sound doth
travel at hour late as this.

Why does the world in silence rest
and fail to drown out lovers gasps?
Not wishing to disturb the dark,
you silence me with a kiss.

As chest expels a wanton groan,
religious pleading is kept at bay.
But deity’s name deserves a shout
when body feels such bliss.

Susurration fills my ears
as climax drowns all rational thought.
But cry I must into quiet night,
when feeling love as pure as this.


Unfathomed Reasons

And through the murk I search,
for these unfathomed reasons why you,
in your tender grace,
would love me.

I wait for the punchline
to this cruel joke,
the revelation why someone like you,
in all you are, would gift me this love.

Rushing to reassure that,
I do not doubt your love,
more that I doubt my own worth,
my own deservedness.

All I have is a hope,
a grasped at faith that you will not see
that which I cannot un-see,
in me.

Do Not Face The Dark Alone

Do not face the dark alone;
if rudely dragged from slumber deep,
and dreams that haunt forbid you sleep,
then wake me while I lay beside you,
don’t face the dark alone.

Do not watch the night alone;
if sudden waking reveals the black,
and rest eludes with no look back,
then whisper to me across the pillow,
don’t watch the night alone.

Do not count the hours alone;
as restless mind ticks down the time,
approaching dawn pervades your mind,
then hold me in the light emerging,
don’t count the hours alone.

Do not face the dark alone;
for sleep could never give me rest,
nor pleasure granted at dreams behest,
if I knew you’d lay watching nights dark world,
don’t face the dark alone.

Oh Racing Heart

OK, so once more I have tried a more ‘Shakespeare’ feel to some of these words. I never know if I’ve over done it, used the words incorrectly, or made a t*t of myself. So please, feel free to comment, criticise, and correct where necessary. Thank you.
Oh, and I can’t work out whether or not it needs a third verse, but hey ho, publish and be damned as a far better man than me once said…

Oh racing heart,
what is this tempestuous feeling
so engendered by my loves
gentle touch?
Surely, this trivial fact
of skin on skin should not
vex thee so?
For in this slightest moment,
if thou art caused to
gallop as a stallion,
unfettered and unbridled,
across a storm clad beach,
what hope is left for thy
integrity when at last,
in evenings closing,
I taste the turning world
that is my loves
fair lips?

Oh racing heart,
you fire me, as the bellows
of Gods own forge would charge
the heavenly flame.
At just the sound of my love,
enthralled to pleasures hold
and whispering my name,
thy joy is unbound and
in that joy, you fill me
with such passion,
such roaring desire,
that this mortal frame in
it’s weakness would surely fail,
and in failing
release thy love,
to soar and ignite the stars,
and put the very sun
to shame.


You need to know…

When suns rays have fallen short
and no longer light this

my love for you abides.

When moon has dulled to grey
and seen no more in darkened

my love for you abides.

When mountains in their majesty
are naught but crumbled

my love for you abides.

When last leaf has fallen
in a dark and desolate

my love for you abides.

My love for you abides.

Would You Miss Me

Would you miss me when I’m gone,
would you mourn me when I’m dust,
would your heart bleed at my breath
no longer blooming?

Would you weep for life removed,
would you cry for light extinguished,
would your body ache for touch
no more provided?

Would your life be bleak and dark,
would all meaning be deleted,
would your world to turn a void
of loveless night?

Would you spend your time in history,
would our past be all you dream,
would this shared existence lived
be all you crave?

I ask these things of you,
for darling, this is my truth,
and all I need to know is
that you’d miss me.


I’m not sure about the use of ‘doth’ although I love the language of Shakespeare et. al. What do you, my dear readers, think?

We kissed ‘neath moon
that waxes so,
and wondered who
would see our glow;
when passions hold
does grip with lust,
and skin is brushed
with starlights dust.

This night of shine
that pleases so,
with thoughts of love
in passions throe;
the very light
of lunar grin,
that tones the world
as tarnished tin.

Hold me close
and kiss me dear,
with you the night
doth hold no fear;
and in our night
with moon above,
we’ll show the stars
what it is,
to love.