A quick piece for you, trying to draw on the sort of language I love, written while waiting to go and see a friend of mine. It’s amazing where the mind takes you while idle, no? I hope you like it.

Once more, ‘pon keeper
Of my darkest dreams do
I lay my head;
O! What screaming
Horror may fly to me
On darkly shaded wings?
’tis not for me the
Gentle arms of Morpheus,
To soothe and soft refresh
From days hard labour;
Nay, resigned am I to
The slow tick of curs-ed clock,
Which scythes away
Minute by minute, hour by
Creeping hour.

I Saw You Cry

This is another example of late night, tired, bad day, and letting the mind wander. I hope you like it.
(Note – I don’t like the last verse. If someone has an improvement, please let me know!)

I saw you cry,
Your tears as gold,
They fell to shadowed floor;
And though such sadness
Marred your eyes
Your beauty shone through more.

I saw you cry,
Such pain beheld,
‘pon countenance before;
What cruel and vicious
Act befell
This heart I so adore.

I saw you cry,
And with each breath
My heart did break anew;
Who is to blame for
Wicked barbs
That pierce the core of you.

I saw you cry,
And finally
I learned the truth of pain;
I swore to all the
Gods there are
You’d never hurt again.

I’d see you cry,
But these be tears
Of joy and love unbound;
No more will eyes of
Of yours my dear
Shed sadness to the ground.

Everybody Dies Alone

This one may come across as strange, and probably morbid. But there is a good reason. I heard about someone I know passing away yesterday. It wasn’t a member of my family, and it’s someone I only really know at a distance. But it’s obviously put some thoughts into my mind. And the title was something I heard while watching something on TV and the two thing just flowed together. Anyway, morbid as it may be, I hope you like it.

When the shadow draws
And the night arrives,
When the light retreats
And fades;
When the world around
Becomes a dream,
And your eyes draw down
Their shades;
When your memories
Are all that stays,
And your body takes
Its rest;
When your drumming heart
Has beat it’s last,
And a sigh escapes
Your breast;
When finally you
Face the truth,
And all that’s left
Is bones;
You’ll see the final
Message clear,

My Time

A quick throwaway one that came to me this evening. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new, but in my defence, I’ve had a problem with my back these past few days. I hope you like this one.

You may take my sky,
My stars and my moon,
You may take my sea
And my land,
You may take my air,
My sun and my rain,
You may take the gift
From my hand.

You may take my breath,
The air from my lungs,
You may take the beat
From my heart,
You may take the light,
The glint from my eye,
You may take my life
From the start.

You may take my strength,
My will and my force,
You may take all I’ve
Left behind,
You may take all things,
I’m not willing to give,
But I always will give you
My time.

Chasing The Moment

I wrote this tonight. I toyed with adding another verse or two, but these seemed to say all I wanted to say. I hope you like it

It lasts a breath, a single beat,
But years in memory,
The sigh that sung and rang aloud,
A stunning symphony,
But when it’s gone, I’ll always be,
Chasing the moment.

A glance that hit, like charging volt,
It shocked the core of me,
And veins and nerves still tingle so,
With electricity,
But when it fades, I’ll always be,
Chasing the moment.

A taste so sweet, forbidden sin,
First kiss you gave to me,
The unknown flavour lingers so,
Invoking memories,
But when that dies, I’ll always be,
Chasing the moment.

One single second, all it took,
To change the life of me,
All time before no longer counts,
Removes all history,
Forever now, I’ll always be,
Chasing the moment.

Broken Mirror

Yes, I am at work today, but this one kept nudging and probing at my mind until I got it out and down on the page. Hope you like it.

Don’t look too long in mirror broke
For fear of spirits seen.
A fractured glimpse of backward world
Where old loves may have been.

It holds the eye this shattered glass
And draws the mind within.
Hours fade while standing lost
Mem’ries seen therein.

Reflected world confused with scars
Shows dark and twisted place.
Where once familiar eyes looked out
Is now a strangers face.

Eternal light that’s captured so
In plane of silver sheen.
Still shows a glimpse of shadows dark
Amongst the broken beams.

As mind is lost to splintered glass
Through barrier so thin.
All sense is lost of where you end
And where your shade begins.

As finally your will is lost
The inner self replaced.
Your soul is lost to mirrored world
Gone without a trace.

You Did What I Did

This one started with the title, and flowed from there.  I was going to intersperse each four line couplet with the finishing line, but I thought it didn’t need that repetition and so it’s the closing statement instead.  I hope you like it.

I wasn’t always honest,
I wasn’t always true,
I brought you days of misery
And pretended it was you.
I broke a lot of oaths,
And time was often lost,
Some nights were spent in perjury
At high emotions cost.
I fought against contentment,
I thought it equaled death,
It felt as though my feelings changed
With every waking breath.
At the ending of our journey,
When we had run our race,
Finally the truth was out
And stared us in the face.
All books have an ending,
Chapters always close,
But open truth can now be seen
And everybody knows…

You did what I did.