Stormy Skies

Goodness, another rather soppy one. I really must work harder at visiting the darker, more disturbed recesses of the mind as that’s where I find far more interest. Still, hope you like this one.
As always, thank you for reading.

It’s time that ticks away upon a
Rainy day with nothing left but
Wasted breath and aching bones
But what should I be doing?

The clouds they fly like harried ghosts ‘cross
Battered sky from east to west and
Seem to me a blanket dark
But who knows where they’re going?

And with the storm that gathers hence comes
Glowering mood within my breast which
Colours each and every word
And every prayer worth saying.

So with a sigh my back is turned ‘pon
Jeweled glass of rain soaked pane and
Battered window so secured
Though here inside I’m smiling.

For though the weather black it is with
Rain and wind and stormy skies my
World is filled with sunlights glow
Thanks to your very being.

Seventh Star

A quick, soppy, romantic one for you all. Hope you like it.

Meet me ‘neath the seventh star
Where secrets such we’ll share.
For nought but night will cover us
No sound but knowing air.

Meet me ‘neath the crimson moon
Where kisses sweet we’ll share.
For clouds above will shelter us
Such shadows ever there.

Meet me ‘neath the purple sky
Where words of love we’ll share.
For all about us evening cool
On skin that’s soft and bare.

Meet me ‘neath the heavens high
Where lives as one we’ll share.
For all about us world is harsh
But forever I’ll be there.

Reblog : Devil Clothed In Mortal Sin

A reblog this evening. Once more, I’m working on a couple of pieces, but this is here to tide me over. Hope those of you that have not read this before, enjoy it.

Devil clothed in mortal skin,
whispering words
of sweet tasting sin.

Hidden from view, in plain sight
walking among us
by day and by night.

Eyes that burn with crimson hue,
speak of the lies
that seem oh so true.

Encouraging evil, remaining apart
feeding the darkness
in tar blackened heart.

A single word in willing ear,
can change sweet slumber
to dreams filled with fear.

As each day passes, influence grows,
growing in power
while nobody knows.

Watch for this evil, be ever aware,
for though he may dwindle,
he’ll always be there.

Shaping the world and all that’s within,
this devil clothed,
in mortal skin.


As my tired eyes gazed out of the window this evening, this short piece came to me. I thought I’d share it. Hope you like it.

The night it comes on darkened wave,
Such stars and shadows so displayed,
The sunless sky now seen anon,
With dreaming feet to dance upon,
And with the shades so gliding by,
What wicked pictures shown to eyes,
With twilights dying at days end,
The moon in gloried glowing sends,
A cold and pure revealing light
That graces and highlights the night,
With fallen stars and glittered clouds,
So causing all to cry aloud,
At such a majesty in sight,
The dark and enveloping night.

Find The Sun

This one kind of fell out of me this evening. I’m not entirely happy with it, but it’s here now and published. Thank you for all those that have kept reading.

You ran away to find the sun;
Miles and years and lands away,
Where people knew the time of day,
And life was new begun.

You looked upon the shining sea;
Horizon far but in your grasp,
Waves returning sure to last,
A hope for what might be.

You left behind the pain of us;
Growing old with like of me,
Would drive you to insanity,
If living with mistrust.

You drink the view and loose a sigh;
Freedom now from past mistakes,
No longer now a need to fake,
Nor lie with crying eyes.

You stole the very heart of me;
I know the reasons while you fled,
To shield your soul that ached and bled,
But still it stabs at me.

You ran away to find the sun;
And this is all you so deserve,
A life of ease and no reserve,
A new world to be spun.


As I’m sure you’re all aware, we lost a great comic and actor, and a wonderful person, in Robin Williams. He’s always been one of my favourites. I’m old enough to remember Mork & Mindy, and Good Morning Vietnam is one of my favourite films. This poem is not for him, or about him – my words aren’t good enough to do him, or his situation, justice. However, the fact he dealt with such demons for so long, while entertaining millions, brought this poem to mind. I hope you like it.
R.I.P Robin Williams.

Will you laugh with me, as I entertain?
My jokes and japes hide damage deep,
Brought on by memories I’m loathe to keep,
But here I stand before you all,  what do I hope to gain?

Will you cry with me, when I’m drowned in pain?
I’m there for you, your smiles to feed,
But where are you all in my hour of need,
I have not strength to ask for help,
The balm to keep me sane.

You laud me so, and endow me with fame.
How easily you turn your back,
When darkness draws and mood turns black,
You follow my life day to day,
But how quickly you lose my name.

So laugh along with me, I’ll hide my hard pain.
Soon this life will take me away,
I have no strength to last come what may,
But why should you care anyway,
I’m just here to entertain.

The Power Of Words

A faintly political one. Who else believes in the power of words?

It starts with a whisper
Knowing something is wrong.
It grows with each passing
Growing louder and strong.

The voices start swelling
With a scream and a shout.
And together they grow
And begin to cry out.

Inequality witnessed
Engenders a rage.
The growing of anger
Can no longer be caged.

The hundreds increasing
To thousands awake.
Soon rising to millions
The earth so to shake.

Injustice no longer
Unfairness to end.
Equality promised
Rules willing to bend.

Come join with me brother
It’s time to stand tall.
Come join with me sister
The old order must fall.

So starts revolution
And this call will be heard.
A change can be made
With the power of words.