Above And Below

An attempt at constructing something like Shakespeare’s “Phoenix And The Turtle”. Hope you like it.

One in flight and beauty seen,
In the air such as belong,
Calling forth a love in song,
All about does nature gleam.

Other stays amid the grass,
Lowly though a pride in face,
Never knowing ought but place,
Life with not a care does pass.

Such chance to notice that below,
Not once has such a fairness been
Revealed to eyes by summer’s sheen,
Yet now this other must be known.

Above a sight that graces sky,
Another world revealed and plain,
Would life be ever fair again
If not the chance to fly?

Dare not to touch upon the ground,
Would wings be then forever clipped,
No more the sun to dark eclipse
With flight that’s so profound.

Unable to escape earth’s bond,
Where dreams of lightness fall apart,
Amidst the ever heavy heart,
Such thoughts of freedom gone.

Two souls in ever old torment,
Wanting that which cannot be
When life in all its mystery
Cause such a sweet lament.



Such beauty,
Ne’er seen before ‘neath glancing
What blessing,
Given to such poor wretch as I,
When all about me be poor and
O, gracious saintly sight,
Be you ever grateful for that,
Granted so, that may cause the very
Moon to hide her face in shame.


I love the language of Shakespeare. The forms, the words, the ebb and flow of his speeches and scenes. I wish I had the smallest modicum of his talent, to be able to craft words in the way he did. All I can do, in my own silly and unworthy way, is to try and write things in the flavor of his language.

In deepest night,
Whilst sleep did so evade me,
Such wicked vision with malice
And cruelty did come, to mine eyes.
O, could man such as me stand
A sight so evil? But in all darkness
Abound, one more dark picture
Could not any more disturb this
Sweet wine doth lose its potency,
Dark poppy, with its heavy smoke,
Doth fail in all its ability.
All thoughts of restoring sleep
Are driven, as the wind doth drive the
Clouds, away and far, by these scenes
So shown to mine eyes.
O torturous mind, why must thou
Bring to me such unwanted and
Unwarranted scenes? Be at peace, you,
And grant this man only sleep, in all
Its blessed majesty. Sleep, and only sleep.

Dust And Ash

And like trouble, when one comes along, another is soon behind it. I hope you can clearly see the inspiration to this.

’tis no secret more,
In depth of wicked evil,
That harms the soul as such
A tale told without a tongue.
For such an act of
Treacherous stain,
In all its hellish glory
Does nought but tell the story
Of thy truth.
And O, such a truth;
In all my days, a love as such
So heavenly gifted, and yet,
Reveals itself to be nought but
Dust and ash, dust. And ash.


I caught an extremely interesting TV program about Shakespeare’s Hamlet this evening. Once again, it got me thinking that I do not know enough about his marvelous plays. I am going pick up my reading of Hamlet where I left off this week, but in the meantime, here is my attempt at a soliloquy. I hope you like it.

Alas, what truth is this, so laid before me?
Why does my heart drop so, my brow to moisten and my lifesblood to freeze within me?
Not this. Not this.
For though in my way, I have inflicted such mortal wounds as to deserve a lifetime in misery, this wicked stab at the core of me is too much for man to bear.
Is it, though, my ego so bruised? Am I paying service to my own pride with a self constructed affront?
Nay. Nay, a thousand times nay. This pain inflicted is a true and real thing.
And in my heart of hearts, may I deserve it. I shall flee, I shall flee, I shall leave all this burden and flee.
And though I shall escape this o’er hanging cloud of dark and imminent storm, I know that forever now, until my final mortal breath, thy wicked deed will haunt me ’til my passing.

Reblog : The Watches Of The Dark

Faithful readers,
In honour of William Shakespeare’s birthday, I thought I’d reblog this effort at ‘Shakespearean language’.
I hope you like it.


Though shy, thou art,
in beauty kept,
the world would pause
and be so swept
away ‘pon waves
of jealous sea
by sweetness shown
to such as me.

Enraptured heart
so owned by thee,
celestial grace
and gloried be,
my blessed life
enlightened so
by passions kiss
in moonlights glow.

With rising sun
the precious dawn
still fades when shown
thy perfect form,
and in this mornings
revealing light,
my eyes doth see
thy beauty bright.

Stay here with me
in life so shared,
where days will pass
without a care,
and in the watches
of the dark,
you’ll tame my body,
my soul and heart.

Reblog : Oh Racing Heart

Reblogging this post for the Daily Prompt : “Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.”.
I wouldn’t say it’s exactly how Shakespeare would write, but I’ve given it a go. Hope you like it.

Oh racing heart,
what is this tempestuous feeling
so engendered by my loves
gentle touch?
Surely, this trivial fact
of skin on skin should not
vex thee so?
For in this slightest moment,
if thou art caused to
gallop as a stallion,
unfettered and unbridled,
across a storm clad beach,
what hope is left for thy
integrity when at last,
in evenings closing,
I taste the turning world
that is my loves
fair lips?

Oh racing heart,
you fire me, as the bellows
of Gods own forge would charge
the heavenly flame.
At just the sound of my love,
enthralled to pleasures hold
and whispering my name,
thy joy is unbound and
in that joy, you fill me
with such passion,
such roaring desire,
that this mortal frame in
it’s weakness would surely fail,
and in failing
release thy love,
to soar and ignite the stars,
and put the very sun
to shame.