Published without comment, or explanation. Hope you like it.

I stand outside myself;
Is this a lie, a world created
For players to act their part?
Where is, what is, which is truth?
Am I to be forever one remove from
Life and all its glory?
Am I to always hold away the chance of
Something new?
I see the days and nights that pass,
The energy of existence,
And I take myself away from all and
With clear choice, stay in isolation.
Is self awareness, such as this, a curse
Or gifted blessing? Could I be more,
Much more a man, if much less pondering were evident?
I know not. I cannot know.
For this wretched vessel that hides my soul
Is all and whole encompassing.
I can but pause, and in my quietest moments,
Reflect upon this utter and complete facade of life;
And dream of the chance to see beyond this
Painted players stage,
To that honest and true depiction of


Another one that came from some unknown source, somewhere deep and dark and down inside me somewhere. I hope you like it.

The bar was dark, the beer misplaced,
The wooden floor a mess,
He sat beside me with a sigh
And started to confess.

His eyes alone spoke from an age,
Where chivalry was dead,
And as his tale was slowly told
His pictures filled my head.

“I wasn’t always such a wreck,
I once commanded kings,
I was the reason and the cause,
The song that power sings.”

I looked across and in his eyes,
I watched his anger grow,
The history he brought to light
Was filled with sickly glow.

“It didn’t take a lot of change,
A single deed in fact,
And all at once the world was blown
For one uncommon act.”

“A tiny slip of shaking hand,
The movement of a finger,
And nevermore will breath be drawn
No more a life to linger.”

I got a sense of who he was, his past and gone profession,
The bodies he had seen laid out,
In some bizarre procession.

His voice was dark, the words were clear
The story full of turns,
I had a sense of why he was
And why injustice burns.

“One mistake was all it took, and now I drink in shadows,
Now I slowly kill myself,
With booze constructed gallows.”

This fallen man, this faded son,
Who’s life had been so shattered,
Could only blame the kiss of chance
The fickle breeze that scatters.

I sat and listened to his tale,
But did not offer comment,
Because I knew from my own past
Life changes in a moment.


Dearest readers…
I wasn’t going to add an explanation to this one – but I thought it prudent to say that this is quite autobiographical. It’s to do with my past, and what happened to me to make me the person I am today. Perversely, (in my opinion), I would say a better person. I hope you like it.

Snow will always bring me back
To days when heart was broken,
Words though read upon a screen
Rang out as if were spoken.

Snow will always bring to mind
The pain I felt in winter,
When secret seen by pure mistake
Caused life to stop and splinter.

Snow will always cause a tear
With thoughts of past engendered,
Not thinking that this love of mine
Would easy be surrendered.

Snow will always take me back
To days of cold betrayal,
When actors in this bitter play
Gave such a cruel portrayal.

Snow will always call to mind
The day my future darkened,
Where once a life of love and hope
Replaced by heart so hardened.

Snow will always give a life
To pictures oft’ remembered,
Foundations all about me fell
My wants and dreams dismembered.

Snow will always bring to mind
The day my heart was taken,
Knowing that my trust in love
Would always now be shaken.

Dark Abyss

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new, and this evening this rather dark and strange one came to me. I hope you like it.

To stare, with such unknowing eye,
In to the dark abyss,
What madness cold that grips the heart
Could dwell in place as this.
A watchful presence deep within,
It knows all thoughts possessed,
And without warning, creeping on,
A man becomes obsessed.
With nought but echoes ringing back,
No sound is ever new,
The whispered voices of the damned
Cause terror through and through.
The very thought of letting go
And swimming in the black,
Will hold a strange attractiveness
Of never looking back.
Beware the ease of which the pit
Will summon crawling dread,
And heed the call of those below,
The wicked and the dead.
They gave their soul to join the dark,
And fled from saving light,
In to the black and cold abyss
The kingdom of the night.

We All Howl At The Moon

Dark dreams do come, and voices rise,
When night arrives too soon.
Alone with thoughts of what has past,
Our faces lit as cheap faux glass,
We all howl at the moon.

Against the will of stubborn world,
We play our dying tune.
Where is the hope that serves our hearts,
The dreams we hold and pray they last,
We all howl at the moon.

Caught up in fights against the tide,
The rising waves of doom.
Such gathered fools who test our will,
Who laugh along with feelings ill,
We all howl at the moon.

Power kept by those in thrall
To money’s sickly bloom.
And though we rage that it’s unfair,
The unkind world just doesn’t care,
We all howl at the moon.

A madness swift to overtake
The grinning of the loon.
A life of trials will drive us mad,
There’s nothing worse than world gone bad,
We all howl at the moon.

Stalkers Love

Faithful readers…
Some people may read this and worry about me. Or about knowing me. Please rest assured this is a pure work of imagination! The idea of ‘the watcher’ came to me on the walk to work this morning, and the first two lines hit me soon after that. I hope you can enjoy this for what it is, and any comments please feel free to leave them in the usual way. Thank you for reading.

There she is,
The face that fits,
The one I know who needs me.
Every day,
Outside her home,
I watch without detection.

All she is,
My perfect mate,
At one with precious beauty.
She knows not,
Than in my arms,
I’d offer such protection.

While she is,
So unaware,
I’ll hide my love within me.
Soon one day,
I’ll make her mine,
No chance of her rejection.

Fair she is,
My passion true,
Although she doesn’t know me.
Keep her safe,
And locked away,
To study soft complexion.

Free she is,
For now at least,
But soon she’ll be beside me.
In my grasp,
Such love will bloom,
No reason for defection.

Mine she is,
In future soon,
I’ll teach her how to love me.
But for now,
Outside her house,
I’ll watch without detection.

Destructive Love

The first three lines came to me this morning – the rest flowed from there. Hope you like it.

Sit with me
Beneath the bow
Of the banyan tree,
Tell me where
You were first kissed
And how you would kiss me.

Sit with me
Beneath the clouds
Of the summer sky,
And with your hands
Explain to me
Why love gets me so high.

Sit with me
Beneath the rain
That falls on thirsty ground,
And talk to me
Of breaking hearts
And if they make a sound.

Sit with me
Beneath the stars
That scatter ‘cross the night,
And let me loose
Within your mind
Through eyes that shine so bright.

Sit with me
Forever more
While all the planets turn,
And hand in hand
We’ll rise up high
And set them all to burn.