Seven days is not much of a hiatus – and I don’t know how regularly I’ll be posting – but something needed to be said

What I want,
what I need,
takes second place
to what is real.

Distance far,
time not found,
to make the journey
to where love abounds.

Patience gone,
desire cold,
strength of will
withered, old.

Too much pain,
sadness more,
things no longer
as before.

Drift apart,
as passion dies,
becoming used to
crying eyes.

Test I failed,
of time apart,
though I love you
with all my heart.

Please take care,
be ever strong,
in living where you
now belong.

Alone again,
and ever more,
you’ll be the one
I once adored.



This blog will now be going on hiatus. I want to thank everyone who has read, ‘liked’, and commented on my work. There are thousands of excellent blogs out there and the fact that so many have taken the time to read the drivel that has seeped from my mind is humbling. I’m not sure when more work will be put up here. Thank you all again.


Gracefully falling,
wind whistles past
the ears of a man
who’s love left too fast.

With one last big step
he’s ending it all,
from the top of the bridge
with one final fall.

Living without her
his heart cannot stand,
cursing the nature
that shattered his plans.

True love and joy,
the future did hold
with a woman so precious
with which to grow old.

But life can be cruel
and the world most unkind,
stealing away what was once
so divine.

So with no friends around him,
and no family at all
he’s curing his pain
with one final fall.

Ambushed By A Dream

Finally resting,
succumbing to sleep.
Drift from reality,
secrets to keep.
Appearing in focus,
from mind’s hidden depths.
Face from the past,
one I want to forget.
Leave me in peace,
I scream in my head.
I’ve moved on from you,
from since we were wed.
But arriving unbidden,
not asked nor required.
Invading the dream world,
of mind over-tired.
Come to relive,
with words to remind.
Actions and touches,
that once were so kind.
But waking again,
in cold light of day.
Reliving the hurt,
of what once went away.
This is real life,
not how it had been,
I’m so sick of being,
ambushed by a dream.

Take Not

Take not my heart
from in this shell,
on which life’s evils
have oft befell.

For captured heart
though owned by you,
could not then feel
this love so true.

Take not my soul
from in this man,
captured softly
by gentle hand.

For ensnared soul
no longer mine,
could not be nourished
by love divine.

Take not my life
and all I own,
although through you
this life has grown.

For without life,
these days to live,
I’d have no gift
of which to give.

There is no need
to take these parts,
wrestled from
my slipping grasp.

For if you asked
these things of me,
I’d give them all
most willingly.

A Note From The Author

Dear readers. This is actually a request for some help. There is an awesome online poetry magazine called The Weekenders in which I have been lucky enough to have some work published.
“Published, you say?” I hear you cry. Yes, published and read by the many followers of this splendid publication.
And now, I would like YOU to submit some of your best work to this marvelous electronic cornucopia of poetry and prose. The editor is always on the lookout for new authors and pieces of work so email him and introduce yourself and send him one (or more!) of your poems or works of prose. You won’t get paid for it – but then I think if you’re worried about getting paid for something like this, you’re writing for the wrong reasons. But that’s just my opinion. So do it. Email the author by clicking here. You know it’s the right thing to do.
Thanks for reading.


Stand with me,

stare with me,

up into the ice blue


Let minds eye wander,

let me show you

pinpoint diamonds

and spiraling galaxies.

Allow me this chance,

to gift to you

the universe.