Nothing More

Fear not;
’tis only my heart your
bitter cruelty has hurt.
Nothing more.

Fret not;
’tis only my soul your
wicked tongue has scarred.
Nothing more.

Worry not;
’tis only my mind your
twisted games have marred.
Nothing more.

Cry not;
’tis only my love your
heartless actions have spurned.
Nothing more.

Fear not;
’tis only all I am your
selfish ways have destroyed.
Nothing more.

Nothing more.

What Once Went Before

We met by the green
in a pub with fine wine,
we laughed at the terrorist
wasting his time.

You spoke of your life,
and how you loved yoga,
I ordered a drink
a sweet lime and soda.

Our first kiss was nervous,
our second a pleasure,
by the end of the night
we thought this was forever.

We spent nights together
and days trading words,
such terms of affection
I’ve never once heard.

But cry out alas,
it wasn’t to be,
we came to the end of
our wonderful journey.

And now you have someone
to share in your life,
a man of such kindness,
and wit like a knife.

I smile in remembrance
of all that we had,
what once went before
wasn’t so bad.

A Brief Update

I just wanted to apologise for not posting any new pieces recently. I’m in the process of moving house and starting a new job so things are a bit hectic. Hopefully over the next few days things will calm down and fickle inspiration will maybe once again visit me. I hope you and yours are all well.

Much love.


Hand In Hand

We walk through the neon
and screams of the night,
shop lifting CDs and
lava-lamp lights.
This crazy yet sensible
trip that we’re on,
began with a drink
which was too quickly gone.
The stares of the doormen
who stand guarding clubs,
make us laugh harder,
dismissive with shrugs.
As hand-in-hand, grinning,
we skip through the streets,
our beauty confounding
the people we meet.
This nighttime adventure
with you by my side,
this city’s dark secrets
can no longer hide.

The Girl With The Black Cherry Lips

The girl with the black cherry lips,
walks ‘cross the rug with her feet
clad in skin,
and a wave in the swing of her hips.

The girl with the black cherry lips,
she moves like poured honey with a
talent for sin,
and all others she does eclipse.

The girl with the black cherry lips,
leads such a scent of
the passion within,
and all eyes fix upon where she sits.

The girl with the black cherry lips,
pulls smoke from her cigarette through
painted grin,
each inhale a pleasurable hit.

The girl with the black cherry lips,
such external beauty belies
that within,
but such sweetness in black cherry lips.

Face The Night

Stand with me, and face the night;
for without your presence,
by my side in comfort,
what monsters would so
visit me?
In gloried darkness,
such evil forms would
curse these eyes,
without your hand so firmly
locked in mine.

Stand with me, and light the black;
for if alone in solitude,
I stand wary, in fear,
how could I last through
endless night?
In velvet jet,
where suns have burned
their last, I would be cold
and utterly lost
without you.

Stand with me, defeat the dark;
how could I face the lonely night,
full of dreams, and images,
and visiting beasts
of nightmare?
In endless black,
there would be one glowing
light, one shining star of
utter beauty. In you.
Stand with me, my love, and face the night.

I Don’t Want Much

I don’t want much;
a smile, a touch,
a word of kindness,
a hug and such…
I don’t want much.

I don’t need a lot;
a cooling hand
when brow is hot,
to not be forgot…
I don’t need a lot.

There’s not much I yearn;
a bright love that burns,
a face to me that
never turns…
there’s not much I yearn.

I have few desires;
a love like a fire,
a heart that’s committed
to never expire…
I have few desires.

I don’t want much;
a smile, a touch,
a word of kindness,
a hug and such…
I don’t want much.