Nothing More : A Reading

Oh fickle and fanciful inspiration, where art thou? Sorry. Fell into a bit of Shakespeare there. Yes, inspiration has still left me empty of anything new. I have… stirrings of a couple of ideas, but nothing ready for working on yet. Hopefully this week. In the mean time, here’s another recording for you. The volume may be a bit low but maybe that’s a blessing? Anyway. It’s of my poem “Nothing More” which you can find a link to here I hope you like it.

Here I Rest : A Reading

I’m struggling with inspiration at the moment. Bereft, if you will. So I thought I’d inflict gift to you a reading of one of my more recent ones, but read by me. As some of you may know, I hate my voice, but here perhaps you’ll be able to just focus on the words. It’s a reading of “Here I Rest”. Hope you like it.
Here’s the link to the original poem : Here I Rest

Like A Fire

If granted me
this sacred chance
I’d love you like a fire,
a passion hot
that burns unchecked
to which all men aspire.

Where other loves
have faded so
to ash and char-ed bone,
this love of mine
for you my heart
would last as bedrock stone.

I will not beg
nor plead, my light,
in pride I am a fool,
but chance denied
of truest love
would be a blow too cruel.

So grant me dear
this sacred chance
to light this loving flame,
for heart denied
of passions fire
would be a dying shame.

I Never Thought

I never thought…
I never knew…

What right do you have,
to take this pain?
This constant companion
of misery that gave me cold
comfort in the night.

Here you are, in light and
beauty, with words of love and

I never thought…
I never knew…

You’ve stolen from me this
burden of loneliness,
this self inflicted isolation
from a hard world.

Here you are, in kindness
and generosity, with words of
gentle comfort…

I never thought…
I never knew…

Summers Keepsake

I’ve been lucky enough to take part in another collaboration. This one is with the wonderfully talented Fibee5 who has already graced this collection of words with her amazing voice. I hope you like our first collaborative effort. Thank you.

I wish I could capture that dreamy blue sky
To keep forever the snow white clouds
I watch that hint of pink creeping
Out on the distant horizon
It all seems so soft and gentle
If only I could hold it like a lovers caress.

I wish I could bottle that sweet summer scent
To preserve for ever the soft sighing wind
I close my eyes, bathe in the warmth
From the majestic sun
It brings to mind such bliss
As being gazed upon by a lovers eyes.

The warmth seeps into my bones
Bestowing upon me such pleasure
That will be kept inside forever
A small keepsake of this perfect day
That an artist in all his ability
Could not dream to capture

Each day is such a treasure
Sweetening memories of harsh winters
Bitter yet softened by the shining, golden sun
So I will bask and savour this day
Of dreamy blue sky and
Magnificent snow white clouds.

In The Night

Climb up to the stars
and blow me a kiss,
the sky is so clear,
a chance not to miss.

Fly up to the moon
and send me your love,
the night is so pure
not one cloud up above.

Rise up to the night
and gift me your soul,
the shadows are deep
and the dark is so old.

We love in the night,
we are one in the dark,
we’re together we two
though we’re so far apart.

Here I Rest

This feathered rest
where head does lay
no better place
to be, I pray,
where life will end
in beauty’s lap
an angels grasp
will take me back
to where this wasted
life did start
close down this brain
and still this heart
yet no regret does
fill this chest
your beauty comforts
where here I rest.