I’ll Say Goodbye

Will he keep you safe
and comfort you,
will he hold the world at bay?
Will he stop the night
with all its fear
and love you come what may?

Will he fight the demons
black in form
and shower you in light?
Will he always promise
to do by you what’s right?

Will he cope with all your
and stop you when you’re wrong?
Will he be there when
you’re feeling weak
and stand for you so strong?

Will he never cast dispersions
on dreams you may have had?
Will he make you smile,
or make you laugh,
when days you’ve had are bad?

If you can answer,
that he’ll do all the above,
then I will gladly say goodbye
knowing you’ve found love.

As Daylight Fades

As daylight fades and twilight comes
the dark will soon arrive;
This covering cloak
that hides my sin,
the evil split of man within,
the storm that’s on my side.

These normal folk of day-to-day
that in the sunlight strive;
Repair to homes
of safe and sound,
in fear they all do go to ground,
but their terror still abides.

And with the blessing of the moon
that strongly pulls the tides;
I feel the madness
taking hold,
a grip of lust and fury bold,
a stirring deep inside.

The night is mine to so explore
and with it take a prize;
A taste of skin
that so delights,
tempered by a heart in flight,
A beauty to my eyes.

As daylight fades and twilight comes
the dark will soon arrive;
So come with me
if you so dare,
take my hand and let me share,
the pleasures of night.

You Think I Don’t Remember

You think I don’t remember, but I do…

I remember when you asked me,
in voice hesitant and warm,
why there was no love between us
during winters thunder storm.
I remember when we kissed,
the start of all that came,
and bodies held in faded glow
put seraphim to shame.

You think I don’t remember, but I do…

I remember when you hurt me
with your cruel dismissive ways,
I was the last to see just how
you ruined younger days.
I remember when we first arrived
at passions shouted peak,
I then was left when all was done
as shattered, spent, and weak.

You think I don’t remember, but I do…

I remember how you helped me
through the pain of broken hearts,
and how you leant upon my strength
when your days were pulled apart.
I remember how we promised
that we’d never tell a lie,
and through the nights
in bed we lay
my music was your sighs.

You think I won’t remember, but I will…

In future days I won’t forget
how you soothed and calmed my soul,
when all about be me seemed too dark
you shone to me like gold.
In days to come I’ll worship you
in beauty, all you are,
and though my memories make me this man,
I treasure this new start.

DP : Irrational Fear

Reblogging this effort for the Daily Prompt today. Those who know me know what this fear is all about. Here is the link to the Daily Prompt. Hope you like it.

Half-glimpsed movement,
a dark shadow across the floor.

Unexpected speed,
eyes locked, body frozen.

Heartbeat increased,
ice sliding down the spine.

Instant terror,
brought on by years old fear.

Subdued panic,
fed by logic defying reasons.

Urge to flee,
the necessity of attack.

Weapon selected,
gripped tight in sweaty hand.

Courage gathered,
a shout of defiance loosed.

Breath released,
shuddering body relaxes.

Interloper vanquished,
peace and calm restored.

We Walk

We walk on lakes
of silver sheen
as angels weep
at what they’ve seen;
In awe they stand with
eyes ablaze
for dreams that stun
and so amaze.

We walk through mists
of loves forgot
while angels learn
the pain of not;
With tender pause
they bless our path
for heaven knows
this love will last.

We walk along
the starlight shore
while angels sing
and promise more;
With voices raised
in chorus sweet
our hearts with joy
are thus replete.

We walk together
you and I
and tales I tell
of where’s and why;
And ‘fore this night
of dreams is through
you’ll learn, my dear,
that I love you.

The Watches Of The Dark

Faithful readers,
It’s been a while again, I know, but I’ve been ever so tired and not had the energy or the time to write. But last night, with thanks to… well, let’s call her my inspiration, I’ve produced another attempt at a more ‘Shakespearean’ feel of a poem. I hope you like it. And thank you for still reading.
Much love,


Though shy, thou art,
in beauty kept,
the world would pause
and be so swept
away ‘pon waves
of jealous sea
by sweetness shown
to such as me.

Enraptured heart
so owned by thee,
celestial grace
and gloried be,
my blessed life
enlightened so
by passions kiss
in moonlights glow.

With rising sun
the precious dawn
still fades when shown
thy perfect form,
and in this mornings
revealing light,
my eyes doth see
thy beauty bright.

Stay here with me
in life so shared,
where days will pass
without a care,
and in the watches
of the dark,
you’ll tame my body,
my soul and heart.

DP : Evil

I posted this originally a few months ago, but after seeing the Daily Prompt for today I thought I’d reblog it for that. Hope you like it.

Which voice to heed,
as night draws in
and darkened quest
with joy begins?

Which coat to wear,
which gloves to don,
so artful hands
aren’t bled upon?

Which road to walk,
with shadows cast
that hide the face
and evils past?

Which body warm,
with eyes that fear
should snare my gaze
and disappear?

Which words to say,
as victim cries
while dark desire
I satisfy?

Will it be you,
this fateful night,
to be snuffed out
like candlelight?

Be wary, friend,
tread where you dare,
for one dark night,
I may be there.