Birmingham Jail : A Recording

I’m updating this to include it in the Daily Prompt. It’s not about my love of an instrument per se, but it shows how I like to mix great words (poetry of sorts) with my favourite instrument. It’s a very old American folk song, covered by all sorts of people. This is my version. The recording quality isn’t all that, and as always my voice isn’t the best, but it’s a lovely, lovely song, if you can just focus on the lyrics. It’s called “Down In The Valley” or “Birmingham Jail”. Thank you.

I Also Play Guitar II

So I’ve decided to inflict reward you with another recording. Again, ignore the voice but listen to the lyrics. This is famous song, written by the wonderful Lennon & McCartney partnership. All music & lyrics copyright to them etc. It’s called “Norwegian Wood”.

I Also Play Guitar

OK, before anyone says it, I know I don’t have the voice of an angel. But I wanted to share something I get great pleasure from. Playing my guitar, and singing to myself. Hope you like it. This is a cover of David Gray’s “Sail Away”… all music & lyrics are his etc. If I get a positive response from this, I might post another… now there’s a threat.