Dear Morpheus

Dear Morpheus,
For pity’s sake
Grant me thy gift of sleep.
For in the sweet hold
Of slumbered embrace
I may once more be delivered
Unto my loves arms.

Dear Morpheus,
For heavens sake,
Take me away on dreamers wings.
For in treasured bed
Where mind is released,
I may be freed from this
Waking world.

Dear Morpheus,
For my sanitys sake,
Gift to me a night of rest.
For all I need
To revive my spirit,
Is one unbroken night
Of sleep.

Reblog : Your Name

Another reblog I’m afraid. I am working on something new, but there is a particular person that has inspired me to reblog this. Hope you like it.

Your name is my prayer
whispered into the night;
causing demons from nightmares
to leave and take flight.

Your name is my armour
I wear round my heart;
it comforts and soothes
even when we’re apart.

Your name is my tonic
when sadness takes note;
it gladdens my being
and refreshes hope.

Your name is my banner
my song to the world;
it shows all around me
my passion unfurled.

Your name is my power
my strength deep within;
it protects me from evil
and banishes sin.

Your name is my blessing
my gift so profound;
a word of such beauty
could never be found.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror dark and
Mirror black,
Release my soul
And give it back.

Mirror bleak and
Mirror cold,
Return the strength
That made me bold.

Mirror hard and
Mirror shear,
Reflect to me
My inner fear.

Mirror bright and
Mirror bold,
Show to me
Thy stories old.

Mirror real and
Mirror true,
To see myself
I look to you.

Mirror, mirror
Glowing there,
Haunting me
Without a care,
Hide thy gaze
And dull thy glow,
For what I see
Is more I’d care
To know.

Basement Bars

In basement bars where old
Men sit
And contemplate the past;
The smoke from vanished
And long lost fat cigars.

To wait awhile with fluid
And drink to those removed;
The passing time ticks slow
To fast
Warm spirits start to soothe.

Voices meld and form
The sound
Of oceans black and deep;
While in my bubble
I wait for booze bought sleep.

These darkened dens of
That call from far away;
Will always be the place
I come
To waste away the day.

So join with me at bar
Of wood
Where drinks are bought and sold;
And here we’ll sit and with
Our words
We’ll fix this darkened world.


Awake to sky of
Covered grey,
While there you dream,
Mind far away.
What monsters chase
Through inner worlds,
Are you woman grown,
Or frightened girl?

In pictures pure
Behind your eyes,
Is seen a place
Of rare disguise.
And though imagined
This land you see,
It feels as close
As reality.

In mumbled speech
You call my name,
And all at once
Your beasts are tamed.
To be your hero
While you sleep,
Would raise this man,
His life complete.