Wait For Me

I saw this news story today, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-41310591
and it inspired me to write this. I hope you like it…

As darkness comes, your eyes to dim,
The endless sleep set to begin,
Wait for me, dear, wait for me.
As now your show comes to its end,
The winding path you’re set to wend,
Wait for me, dear, wait for me.
As slowly now your heart does cease,
And finally you find your peace,
Wait for me, dear, wait for me.
For how can I still stand a life,
Without my ever loving wife,
When years we’ve spent as two not one,
My glowing moon, my shining sun,
I will not carry on alone,
Wait for me, dear, wait for me.

Morpheus Redux

Bowling ball rumble
of trains in the night
the soundtrack
to struggling sleep.

Eyes quick to open
at each random thought
stare upwards
to darkness so deep.

Minutes pass slowly
but hours fly swift
heralding dawn.

Tricking the body
to grasp sleeps embrace
eyes closed
pretending to yawn.

Another night empty
of R.E.M sleep
no dreams
to nourish the soul.

No resting in slumber
for this tired man
yet again
free from Morpheus’ hold.

The Pain Of Distance – revisited

I originally posted this in October last year. Someone said that if you’re struggling with inspiration you could always re-blog an old post, so newer readers could catch up on older work. So that’s what I’ve done

It’s times like these I hate the telephone.
The impotency of distance,
when the hearts love is in pain,
and the voice is the only link between us.

A supposed gift of communication.
To me it can be seen as a tormentor,
a machine to torture and tease,
a device to punish an already wounded heart.

Ineffective words travel across the airwaves.
Wanting to be close,
to offer physical comfort of strong arms,
but trapped in my own space.

Tears heard in the voice but not seen.
Each shuddering breath,
each sobbed word,
another pull at the cord around my heart.

There is agony in seeing a loved one in pain.
But the hurt of a dear ones voice,
separated by distance,
can often hold a far worse sting.

But forfeit this link between us I could not.
Although it is not your presence,
nor your breath in my ear,
it is something I could not be without.

I will bear the heartache of hearing you cry.
Hoping the sounds of my comforting words,
spoken with love and with deep felt care,
are heard with the clarity they are felt in my heart.