Red Wine

Pour for me another,
a glass of velvet red,
and tell to me the tale
of how your heart fell dead.

Pour for me another,
a glass of sumptuous wine,
and tell to me the tale
of loves revealing crime.

Pour for me another,
a glass of ruby sin,
and tell to me the tale
of where lovers trust begins.

Pour for me another,
a glass of deviled juice,
and tell to me the tale
of how hearts uncover truth.

Pour for me another,
a glass of timeless taste,
and tell to me the tale
of how souls get lost in haste.

Pour for me another,
a glass of vino sweet,
and maybe this, our own true tale
will make our life complete.

Will I Be

Unbowed by grief,
nor broken on the
wheel of circumstance
will I be.

Untainted by doubt,
nor weakened in the
glare of mistrust
will I be.

Unchanged by fear,
nor embittered by the
sting of betrayal
will I be.

Willing to hope,
and touched again by the
grace of love
will I be?


Breathless touch
on innocent skin.

Shivering kiss
on yearning lips.

Aching body
pressed to flesh.

Inner flower
open to heat.

Heaven felt
in loving peak.

What Is My Art : A Reading

I have been very lucky to (virtually) meet a wonderful writer, fibee5. She has been unendingly kind with her comments and encouragement about my work. She mentioned that she really enjoyed reading a recent poem of mine, What Is My Art? and so I asked her if she would consider doing a reading of it. And she agreed! So here, giving a glorious energy and sensuousness to my words, is fibee5 reading, “What Is My Art?”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

A Thank You From The Author

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the wonderful, warm, generous people who have commented with such positivity and encouragement on my blog. As a lot of my regular readers will know, I don’t value my work that much really. Sure, I know I have written one or two that I think “Yes, I like that” but by and large… not so much.
Now, this is not a fishing expedition trying to elicit more kind words and reassurances, it really is just for me to take a moment and thank you ALL, all of you who have told me you like my work. If just one person says they like something I’ve written, it makes me very happy. But to have so many… I am truly humbled. So thank you.

Much love,
Simon 29/05/2013


O Night!

O night!
Hide from me
with darkly cape
this maddening face
before me;
For face such as
of porcelain skin,
would drive one surely
to insanity.

O night!
Hide from me
with velvet black
this unclothed form
before me;
For body in form as
of proportions sweet,
would drive one swiftly
to distraction.

O night!
Hide from me
with kindness dark
this woman whole and
For in all completeness
in perfection shown,
would take the very love
of me.

Judgmental Moon

Forever there, judgemental moon,
it follows me from room to doom,
casting light on every sin,
as glowing globe
or evil grin.

With silver beam, pearlescent glow,
marking all with black shadow,
never leaving mind in peace,
heartless lover
or generous thief.

Forever watchful, lunar face,
teasing thoughts with hanging grace,
tortured silence tinged with light,
chasing me
throughout the night.