The Moon Alone Bore Witness

This is a bit of a dark one, but I hope you like it nonetheless.

The leaves were dry and formed a crust,
Each footstep broke the peace.
Her muffled screams from ‘neath my hand
Were drowned in noise at least.
And as we reached the clearing dark,
The moon alone bore witness.

Her eyes betrayed the fear she felt,
True feelings kept beneath.
In supplication begging me
‘pon hand and bended knee.
But as my resolution held,
The moon alone bore witness.

I cast about for prying eyes,
For reason so to cease.
But night was still and we alone
My wanton need increased.
And as my hands took up their deed,
The moon alone bore witness.

The captured soul from in the breast,
Makes not a sound released.
But at the point of life removed
My cry was as a beast.
And as her final light was dimmed,
The moon alone bore witness.

I left the body ‘neath the stars,
Laying now in peace.
Once more my sickness had been quelled
My inner blackness eased.
And throughout all my evils deeds,
The moon alone bore witness.


This one was a bit of a struggle to get out. And although I’m not 100% happy with it, it’s good enough to publish. I hope you like it.

A candle glows in empty hall,
It’s light a single star;
Defeating dark with brave aflame,
It curses night, sends fear to shame,
Calls victims one and all.

A single voice above the throng,
Clear as crystal bell;
Rejoicing in its echoed tone,
It cries allowed, sends angels home,
Calls victims to be strong.

A single word set hard in stone,
Unfading now with time;
A strong command by which to live,
With no recourse, no lie to give,
Calls victims to atone.

Panelled Blue

I can feel my muse within me now, she has decided to stop awhile, and although it is still work to get anything coherent out at the moment, this was written today. I hope you like it.

Panelled blue, my inner room,
With mem’ries strewn about;
’tis here I wander in my depths,
Amongst the ‘oft recalled regrets,
Sweet the taste of tears so wept,
No window looking out.

Panelled blue, my inner room,
With dreams among the dust;
Where once a future lit the air,
Now ’tis a husk that lingers there,
And now a cloak of dark despair,
No more a coat of trust.

Panelled blue, my inner room,
A prison where I stay;
The scent of summers fading fast,
My only friend a looking glass,
Reflections showing that as passed,
More precious every day.

Panelled blue, my inner room,
An azure coloured cell;
For life without is shaded grey,
And though my sadness may hold sway,
I keep myself so hid away,
Here is where I dwell.

DP : Sleep

I wrote this a while ago, but I wanted to re-post it to take part in the Daily Prompt : “Sleep is one-third of our lives: write a post about it. Do you love naps? Have trouble falling alseep? Wish you could remember your dreams? Remember something especially vivid? Snuggle under a blanket, or throw the windows wide open? Meditate on sleep.”

Once more, ‘pon keeper
Of my darkest dreams do
I lay my head;
O! What screaming
Horror may fly to me
On darkly shaded wings?
’tis not for me the
Gentle arms of Morpheus,
To soothe and soft refresh
From days hard labour;
Nay, resigned am I to
The slow tick of curs-ed clock,
Which scythes away
Minute by minute, hour by
Creeping hour.


This one may come across as a bit of a weird one, and I’m not sure where the ideas came from (deepest, darkest desires anyone??) but the first line triggered everything that followed it. I hope it doesn’t freak too many of you out.

Lay with me in swimwear while we paint
Each others toes,
Come with me to dingy clubs where
No one ever goes,
Scrape my skin with nails of red
And call me dirty whore,
Make me cry aloud in pain and
I will beg for more,
Kiss me once to break my heart and
Shower me with gifts,
Abuse my nature soft and sweet
And I will call you bitch,
Drive me mad with black desire
Promise me the moon,
Then crush my passion with your words
And fill my soul with doom,
I’ll never get enough of you no
Matter what you do,
For I believe I so deserve a
Mistress such as you.


This isn’t one of my best, but I’m just pleased my muse has started to visit a little more often. I hope you like it.

We moved to our hands
When the spades weren’t enough,
The hole in the earth slowly grew;
A secret to bury
In land cold and hard,
A wicked truth we only knew.

A treacherous act
That made us as one,
Something to hide from the world;
The black of the dirt
Was piled to the side,
And into the dark it was hurled.

No more would this sin
Be awake to the day,
Once more our innocence saved;
In the bowels of the earth
Our mistake would remain,
No more to our guilt so enslaved.

We’d always recall
As we went our own way,
The terrible thing that we did;
But now in the dark
The secret is left,
And there would forever be hid.


My muse had decided to linger. I wrote this tonight. Hope you like it.

The night you came was deeply black,
Your eyes a red as coals,
I knew your name, I knew your face,
Your story ages old,
My lowest ebb was all I knew,
A story sadly told,
There’s nought I’d keep to make a change,
All treasures would be sold.

I signed your writ in living blood,
I promised you my soul,
A world of pleasures, no more pain,
My future paved with gold,
The parchment made from human skin,
A stain in every fold,
I didn’t pause and made my mark,
I’d never felt so bold.

With baited breath I gave you back
The contract in a roll,
You grinned a sickly smile at me,
I heard the thunder toll,
I’d given you my future self,
Eternal heart to hold,
No more looking back for me,
The dice had now been rolled.

The years flew by and as they did,
I saw the lie you told,
The trick is in the name you gave,
An angel from the fold,
Forever now I’d be your slave,
You’d always own my soul,
And this is how it’s always been,
A story, ages old.