Dear readers,
Are there any left? It’s been what feels like aeons since I had the motivation, inspiration, creative spark to write something new. But at last, I have something to post. It’s not my best (where ‘best’ is a quite nebulous quality) but it’s something new and that makes me happy, as it proves my elusive muse has not yet abandoned me completely. I hope you like this, and can understand the imagery. Thanks for reading.

I’ve smashed the frame
And broke the glass,
The mirror showing awful past.
No more my twin
With judging eyes,
Will hurt me with a wicked laugh.

Gaze nevermore
To turn away,
From cold reflected unkind truth.
Instead the light
Of newborn day
Reminder of my precious youth.

They fall away
My gathered years
And vic’tries past are sweet recalled.
This aged shell
Is swift renewed
Now mirror has been so unwalled.

But oh alas
This view is false
All passing days are laid so bare.
So once again
I face the truth
Of this poor mortal standing there.