My muse, long absent and much missed, has paid a visit. I hope you like this, as short as it is.

A glimpse, a glance,
The merest chance,
To see your heavens face;
With all the world,
And days unfurled,
Away with dreams I chase.

A doubt, a pause,
An unknown cause
A struggle to accept;
But with a word,
Such beauty heard,
And doubts away are swept.

A smile, a kiss,
The unnamed bliss,
Of what this life may show;
For now my dreams,
Are where you’re seen,
And where your name I know.


A friend on mine has a three year old son. He had recently been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. This, obviously, is terribly sad news.
He asked me if I wouldn’t mind trying to write a poem for him. Not as a eulogy, but as a call to arms, or a song of hope and of not giving up. I was honoured to do so. This is what I came up with. I hesitated to share it, but then I thought… Why not? I hope you like it. And I hope you all send your best wishes,  in your own ways, to my son’s friend. Thank you.

Such courage seen in
Frame so small, 
Against the dark 
We will not fall. 
Not bent nor bowed
‘neath coming fight, 
We rail against 
Encroaching night.

With love our shield, 
As hope abounds, 
We’ll form as one and 
Stand our ground. 
With help of friends
Both far and near, 
We’ll not give up, 
Succumb to fear.

Our shining star, 
Our precious George, 
With inner fire a 
Strength is forged. 
With your support
Our constant love, 
He’ll beat this thing 
And rise above.

So come together, 
Be strong of heart, 
With all we learn, 
We’ll light the dark. 
There will be hope for 
Those to come, 
We will not stop
’til fight is won.


These words kind of fell out of me tonight. The very first sentence was what triggered it, and as happens a lot, the rest just… Flowed. I hope you like it.

If I listened to the wine,
I’d pick up the phone,
Your voice would be soothing
To hear.
But that way lies sorrow
And things for tomorrow
So for now I’ll just sit
And cry here.

If I trusted the music,
I’d think love was real,
And not a cruel promise
That broke.
And the pain that did follow
With a heart made so hollow
Would not echo with words
Never spoke.

If the clocks could run backwards,
I’d start all anew,
Not make the mistakes that
Were made.
I’d inhale and I’d swallow
All my plans of tomorrow
For no future is too bright
To fade.