Born On A Dark Night

Born on a wild night
Wicked and black
I appear in your mirror
Just as you turn your back.

Eyes that transfix
As you cry burning tears
Staring too long
Reveals deepest held fears.

The shadow that passes
The sound in the night
The breath on your pillow
To cause nightmares in flight.

From what darkened hollow
Does this creature appear
When the moon is in waning
And the sky pure and clear.

What horror awaits
When you’re left all alone
And the king of your terror
Appears on his throne.

So sleep with a light on
And fear the dark night
For I will be watching
Until dawns saving light.



I paint with oils
On canvas blank
Your form and face
And through the night
While candle burns
Your image is

With swirl of brush
And splattered paint
Each stroke you’re more
And as your image
So arrives
Your wickedness
Is given.

As picture forms
And colors glow
Your beauty seen
So clearly.
This frozen point
Of coloured time
Shows why you love

This work of art
That flows from me
So ready to be
Reveals to all
That gazes here
Why I am so

Through The Night

It’s been a while, but here’s another new one, written and published as it formed this morning. Hope you like it.

In a small quiet room
Where my sleep so evades,
The moonlight reveals
Dusty shadows and shades.

We talk about darkness
And what might well be,
As you draw the night sky
On the window for me.

Though my body craves rest
And a dreamingless state,
Your voice keeps my calm
Through the hours so late.

Worlds so imagined
And conjured by you,
Opens my mind
To a universe new.

And as the horizon
Shows dawn in her light,
With you here my love
I can get through the night.

Walk Away

You walk away,
And with every step
You take a piece
From my tattered heart.

Though just a pace,
No distance covered
It feels to me
As a journey far.

Don’t go too long,
Though temporary
Your missed presence
Is horrid to bear.

I see you stood,
Where light plays on you
You should be here
Where my arms can care.

I’ll miss you, though
My eyes can see you
And if I pause
I’ll hear your whispers.

Don’t go too long,
Though only a step
And be back soon
Where my love lingers.

My Hope, My Goal

This is another piece that I threw down onto the screen without censoring. Not sure what I make of it. You be the judge.

By broken trees
Where lightening struck,
You held my hand and wished
Me luck.
To brave the world
With stolen soul,
My strength not failing
Sure to hold.
To not look back
But face the day,
What more could man
Hope to relay.
And in the gloaming
Shadows drawn,
My swelling heart
Reveals it’s brawn.
For you my power
Will reveal,
And pain so felt
Will swift to heal.
And nought will trouble
Mind or soul,
As life worth living
Is my goal.

Reblog : Red Wine

Dear readers…
As I’m sitting here pondering this and that, I’m enjoying some red wine. It’s been a theme these last few days. So, in honour, here’s a reblog of a poem of that name. Hope you like it.

Pour for me another,
a glass of velvet red,
and tell to me the tale
of how your heart fell dead.

Pour for me another,
a glass of sumptuous wine,
and tell to me the tale
of loves revealing crime.

Pour for me another,
a glass of ruby sin,
and tell to me the tale
of where lovers trust begins.

Pour for me another,
a glass of deviled juice,
and tell to me the tale
of how hearts uncover truth.

Pour for me another,
a glass of timeless taste,
and tell to me the tale
of how souls get lost in haste.

Pour for me another,
a glass of vino sweet,
and maybe this, our own true tale
will make our life complete.