Anna Key

Her laugh was what I heard at first
An evil noise with hint of mirth,
A sound that said she’d watch a fall,
And stand and grin, not help at all,
My darling Anna Key.

With wicked smile she turned around
And there she stood on sodden ground,
A face that launched a thousand ships,
But all beneath the waves to slip,
My darling Anna Key.

Gave not a jot for those a fool
Was free with comments mean and cruel,
So quick to cut down stupid men,
With just a word from lips or pen,
My darling Anna Key.

My heart it glowed as breaking day
Though sense would council, stay away,
A beauty dark in form and soul,
My sweet demise her only goal,
My darling Anna Key.

Although I’m lost to wicked heart
I would not go back to the start,
Though love is cruel, here I remain,
Her laugh the evilest of refrains,
My darling Anna Key.