I Saw You Cry

I wrote this last night, and was going to post it then, but I thought I’d sleep in it and see what I thought this morning. I’m still not 100% happy with it, but it’s out there now, so I hope you like it.

I saw you cry, while you sat alone,
A poise in misery.
What broken oath,
Or callous word,
Or vicious secret overheard,
Could grant tears liberty.

I saw your sadness, set loose to run,
This monster tearing free.
What damage done,
Or cutting wound,
Or lonely heart that’s left marooned,
Could paint this grief for me.

I saw you break, your will collapse,
Your failing strength take flight.
What last act,
Or final straw,
Or thought that you could take no more,
Could give you to the night.

I saw you cry, while you sat alone,
My heart within me shattered.
I had my plan,
My day was set,
I had my goals, my things to get,
But your tears were all that mattered.

I Bring To You

This is quite similar to an older poem I wrote, but I think it’s different enough to merit the ‘new’ tag. I hope you like it.

I bring to you
A world in pause,
An empire in a moment;
Unending light from
Every star,
Falling snow in crystal jar,
A love forever potent.

I bring to you
A summers day,
Four seasons in a heartbeat;
The spring in beauty
Laid before,
Autumn’s rain as down it pours,
A winters cold replete.

I bring to you
A time unknown,
A legend of the ages;
The tales of history
All for you,
Ancient stories false and true,
Our past in fragile pages.

I bring to you
My every word,
All images I conjure;
My poetry and
Prose laid out,
From whispered sigh to angry shout,
A world that’s built of wonder.

Gifted Flame

This came to me, almost as though dropped from on high down into my head. A very clear image to me, but yet again, I feel I’ve failed to paint the pictures I saw. Anyway, I hope you like it.

Once upon a shine,
In darkness where it lay,
A million years had passed,
And not a single day.
The glow of something special,
Impossible to claim,
The pitch of endless night alive,
With one undying flame.
Religion cannot dowse it,
Politics will fail,
Belongings pale when so compared,
And dreams are all set sail.
Seers have searched for decades,
Philosophers discussed,
Belief is all and everything,
It’s all about the trust.
Out among the midnight black,
Alone in deep abyss,
A light alive with promise,
And I would give you this.

DP : Easy Fix

This was written in response to the Daily Prompt: Easy Fix.
“Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with ‘And all was right in the world.'”.
I hope you like it.

The shout of fear that woke me up
From my own mouth and chest,
A nightmare losing frightful hold
Arrived at no behest.

In panic gripped my body shook
Within the beds confines,
And all about the dark revealed
Nought but moonlit lines.

Reaching out with searching hand
To find your soothing grasp,
An empty sheet was all I felt
Causing me to gasp.

Where had you gone my saviour
Who keeps me safe at night?
The room was cold and dark my love
With no assuring light.

When fear and loss were nearly through
With taking o’er my heart,
You soft appeared through open door
No more were we apart.

You slipped beside me ‘neath the stars
Arms open and unfurled,
I slipped back to my soothing sleep,
And all was right with the world.


A strange little piece this one, not sure where the imagery comes from but it was quite a vivid picture in my mind. Hope you like it.

A crawling beastie
Cruel and keen
Creeps among the
Darkly dreams
And where it passes
Slow and soft
It brings a shivered

O twisted demon
Cold and black
Remove thy stare
From off my back
And take thyself to
Diff’rent lands
Where winds in voice are

A bristled creature
Hard and sick
With eyes of fire
And muscles thick
Hides within the
Thickened shades
Where nightmares dark are

O cackling gremlin
Wicked sin
Chase no more from
Worlds within
For unknown terrors
Summoned forth
Will paint my days with


The first two lines were the trigger for this one. I was actually feeling bereft of inspiration and then, all of a sudden, these two lines emerged from the murk like a ship from the fog. Hope you like it.

The first lie you told me
Were the last words you said,
No love in your heart,
No me in your head.

We thought that forever
Could be held close and near,
But hands lose their grip
When shaken by fear.

A mask of forgiveness
And patience pretended,
But truth is now out,
Falseness is ended.

Your actions spoke louder
Than a shout from on high,
Facades came crumbling
I’d never know why.

You’re all that I wanted,
But it was not to be,
Our life in five words,
You were lying to me.

Explosive Action

Dear readers,
The first two lines came to me this morning, and have been cycling round my mind all day. I’ve finally managed to get the rest of the piece together. Hope you like it. And thank you, sincerely, for reading.

We wrecked the house
And smashed the glass,
We broke the lights and windows,
Our rage expressed with
Fury hot as anger
Reached crescendo.

As pictures flew
The memories fell,
And all the hurt was open,
The violence of our
Shouts revealed the pain
Of oaths when broken.

A tearful scream
That shook the walls,
Frustration boiling over,
How can two people
Co-exist with so much
Full disclosure.

No single world
Is big enough,
To hold such fighting spirits,
For such a raw and
Crippling hurt will test
A planets limits.

Now all about
Such rubble lay,
The remnants of our passion,
Destroying that which love
Has built in one
Explosive action.