The faces that haunt me,
the sounds that return,
thoughts of a passion
too quickly burned.

Eyes I got lost in,
mouths that I’ve kissed,
asking the questions
if only, what if.

Regret is a poison,
to tarnish the soul,
a brake on life’s progress
that drags down and holds.

But memories relived
in the depths of the night,
come visiting softly
to give some insight.

Mistakes that I’ve made,
love that I’ve spurned,
what could have been different
if the world hadn’t turned.

Not for me peace
of a memory free mind,
no freedom from thoughts,
nor redemption to find.

Just hope for the future
that something will change,
something inside me
will not be the same.

When once again love
comes calling for me,
I’ll know what to do,
I’ll know how to be.

All past transgressions
do colour my heart,
but this should enable
a fresh and new start.

Travelling Doom

Sleeping in late
with a head full of anger
and a dream of
a gun in my hand.

Waking in darkness
and grinning with hate
at the poison
that’s leached to the land.

Dressing in shadows
to hide me from prying
those eyes that
would hunt me and search.

Looking in windows
at lovers who quarrel
their dreams shattered
and left in the lurch.

Creeping in secret
to meetings most foul
with the victims
of this blackened soul.

Talking in code
to the voice in my head
dark destruction
it’s consuming goal.

Screaming in fear
all the people I meet
in dark alleys
and garbage strewn rooms.

Reeling in lives
of the lost and lonely
from the night
of this travelling doom.


Where is my yes?
Where is my right?
Where is my true,
my positive bright?

Where is my whole?
Where is my part?
Where is my star,
my most precious heart?

Where is my story?
Where is my tune?
Where is my sky,
my sun and my moon?

Where is my focus?
Where is my life?
Where is my future,
my voice in the night?

Where is my only?
Where is my one?
Where is my chance,
my luck and my fun?

Where is my love?
Where is my soul?
Where is…