The Tree On The Hill

The tree on the hill,
It’s waiting there still,
Where we kissed
‘neath the moon
In the spring.

The tree on the hill,
With the leaves looking ill,
Still remains
Like the pain
Felt within.

The tree on the hill,
Dark shadows fulfilled,
Will forever
Be painted
As sin.

The tree on the hill,
That tortures me still,
Digs deep
Beneath soul
And the skin.

The tree on the hill,
With enough strength and will,
Could be cut
And the healing


The tree on the hill,
Where it stands strong and still,
Will endure
Like the pain
Felt within.

Gaze Into This Room

Gaze into this room
Where my lover does lay,
See peaceful repose
Sleeping evening away.
With dreams in the making
In minds inner light,
She wanders with me
In sunshine so bright.

Gaze into this room
And see beauty at peace,
With each breath exhaled
Hear a sighs sweet release.
Safe in her dreamland
It’s me in her eyes,
Caught in the light
Of lunar’s dark rise.

Gaze into this room
Where my future is seen,
My heart owned entirely
My soul set to gleam.
If all that she dreams
I am able to give,
In happiness kept
I will surely live.

Drift Away

To drift away on
Seas of night;
While storms did rage
And throw themselves
At shuttered glass
Suffused with light.

Where mind can wander
Shackles shorn;
To seek a world
In dreaming state
To voyage through
’til breaking dawn.

Remembered faces
From the past;
Seen while sleeping
In places new
With secrets told
Dispersions cast.

With rising sun the
Scattered night;
Dreams locked away
In treasured chest
Banished now
In morning light.

Silver River

The black and white banks
Of the river that flows
Past buildings neglected
And lit by moons glow.

The silver light burning
From lunar’s harsh burn
Casts shades of dark pitch
In which lovers are spurned.

Down moonlit cold paths
Where the dreamers may roam
Could be seen kindred spirits
Who just want to atone.

A chill from the water
Seeps slowly within
While the moon in its heaven
Shows wanderers sin.

Come walk with me angel
And see the dark sights
We’ll ponder the dreams
Painted by the moonlight.

Reblog : Oh Racing Heart

Reblogging this post for the Daily Prompt : “Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.”.
I wouldn’t say it’s exactly how Shakespeare would write, but I’ve given it a go. Hope you like it.

Oh racing heart,
what is this tempestuous feeling
so engendered by my loves
gentle touch?
Surely, this trivial fact
of skin on skin should not
vex thee so?
For in this slightest moment,
if thou art caused to
gallop as a stallion,
unfettered and unbridled,
across a storm clad beach,
what hope is left for thy
integrity when at last,
in evenings closing,
I taste the turning world
that is my loves
fair lips?

Oh racing heart,
you fire me, as the bellows
of Gods own forge would charge
the heavenly flame.
At just the sound of my love,
enthralled to pleasures hold
and whispering my name,
thy joy is unbound and
in that joy, you fill me
with such passion,
such roaring desire,
that this mortal frame in
it’s weakness would surely fail,
and in failing
release thy love,
to soar and ignite the stars,
and put the very sun
to shame.

No More Fear

Come with me dear, and wander
Through halls of memory;
I’ll share with you each passing
Of life’s dark tapestry.

And as we pass each moment held
In dusty gilded frame;
You’ll see the wounds
By life’s amusing game.

These things we see, in monochrome
That etched my soul with tears;
All came together
To mark me through the years.

I show to you these images
Of sorrow, hurt and grief;
So you can see most
The strength of my belief.

That with you here beside me
Your presence ever near;
These memories are
No longer holding fear.