Falling Snow

A strange subject this one, inspired by a picture I saw while in London today. Hope you like it.

We sit reflected
In the window, our silence
As the
Your lips in pregnancy
With words
Not brave enough
To flow.

The coffee black on
Table spilled, drips down
And in your eyes
The message clear
A heart loves me
No more.

This wintered season
Bleak and cold, causes
But nought in winter’s
Heralding, chills
Bone as loves

Remembering the
Nights before, the times
You lay
But now the potency
Once felt
In bitterness is

And as cascading
Snowflakes drift and
I’ll hold to hope that
Summers rise
May still rekindle


Reblog : The Beekeeper Approaches

It’s been a few days since I had the time to write anything new, and so here’s another reblog. It’s different to my normal love / evil posts. I have no idea where the idea came from, but this is one of the ones I’m pleased with. And it’s got the word ‘twixt’ in it! Hope you like it.

The beekeeper approaches
in mind controlling all,
his bees in multitude did swarm
‘twixt hive and garden wall.
With smoke of scented poison
he caused a rushing swirl,
the bees in panic flew around
with tiny wings a-whirl.
Like blackened snow in blizzard struck
their bodies flew about,
the beekeeper in canvas suit
stood resolute and stout.
With angry buzz and wicked barb
defensively they flew,
but the beekeepers protective cloth
would not let stingers through.
What allegory could be struck
through images herein,
with beekeeper and honeyed hive
and swarming bees within?

Stolen Gold

What stolen gold could pay the price
Of shattered dreams and wants.
When jewels of beauty, fire and ice
Do nothing more than haunt.

Desire thwarted with a sigh
And darkened moods takes hold.
A deadness seen in distant eyes
Where once a passion bold.

To turn away from what once was
And spurn the coming storm.
To spite a lover just because
Reveals the mask that’s worn.

That with ease torn quick asunder
Proves hard to fix and mend.
Silenced by the coming thunder
Of that which shouldn’t end.

To rewind time and start anew
To reset life’s cruel game.
Take back those words though spoken true
Erase all thoughts of blame.

What stolen gold could fix this pain
And make things as the start.
What jewels of beauty, fire and ice
Could mend a broken heart.

Free To Love

Again, I am unsure of this one… but as I’ve said before, I am really trying not to censor myself so much. However, if this post disappears it will be because my inner critic has won the day and got me to delete it.
Happy new year to you all.
Much love,

Remove thy weighted cloak of guilt;
Thou art free to love,
With nought but sweet joy

Deny the terrible Gods in their heaven;
Refuse their doubt,
Ignore the dispersions
So cast.

Fly thee on loves great wings;
Unfettered nor held back,
Soar into the firmament
So clear.

Embrace thy generous heart;
Fear not dark mistrust,
Nor the wounding risk of

Recall all pain survived;
Celebrate thy resilience,
And revel in being free
To love.

Silk Screen

Her silk screens of pretense
That hide her from view
Easily breached but
Masking a truth.
Self medicates heart
With grape and the grain
She laughs at the boys
That try to cause pain.
A kiss of the rose
With thorns sharp to stab
A dream of a lover
She thought that she had.
A world full of anger
But tempered by lust
What price to be paid
By cold lack of trust.
When all is forgiven
She’ll welcome again
The chance of a future
No need to pretend.
Until then she’ll wait
With words soft but mean
The taste of the wine
Behind her silk screen.

Hurry Back

This house now cold,
Bereft and dark,
As iron lines
Remove my heart.
No more a laugh,
Nor smile of joy,
These miles to cover,
A day destroyed.

Hurry back,
My life and soul,
Leave me not long
In land of cold.
For where I stay,
In misery,
Becomes my heaven
When you’re with me.