Wasted Time

Soporific sense
of time being wasted;
hours that trickle
like stream poorly

Knowing that somewhere
a task to be done;
and guilt may weigh
heavy on jobs not

But why should we linger
on that not required;
when peace in this moment
leaves mind so

Better to ponder on
seascapes and battles;
car crashes, bubbles
and people like

Spend this time with me
in sun tainted wonder;
and let’s see what pictures
our minds just may


Secret Heart

Hallway dark,
open door;
corpse in repose
upon the floor.
Bloodied hand,
knife in grip;
rage once chained
allowed to slip.
Unknown face,
forgotten scream;
a life removed
in fevered dream.
Killer freed,
unburdened beast;
black soul revealed
at evils feast.
Secret heart,
hid no more;
seen in the corpse
upon the floor.

Cause And Effect

That first touch
of lips on breast,
giving heat, creating moisture
causing a snatching of breath.

Pressure increased,
teeth gently nip,
mixing pleasure, the threat of pain
causing a twitching of hip.

Hand takes it part
in moulding the flesh,
soft yet firm, work toughened skin,
causing all thought to head west.

Fingers explore
with a touch ever faint,
spark across skin, feel hardly there,
causing a loss of restraint.

Coaxing in passion
the centre to part,
opening given, trust shown in love,
causing a pounding of heart.

Digital pressure
on sweet swollen bud,
expertly teasing, hard and then not,
causing a fire in blood.

Mouth covers moaning
and breaths sweet release,
inhaling the sigh, the sound of this cry
causing a satisfied peace.

A Dream

I very rarely try and explain my words – they either speak for themselves or my inartistic fumbling is unexplainable – but with this one, it’s necessary. I had a dream last night (well, more of a nightmare) and it’s a reoccurring one of planes crashing very close to me. So I decided as last night’s was a particularly clear one I would try and get down something about it. I don’t think I’ve done the dream justice, but make of it what you will. As ever, thank you for reading.

The first blew a hole
in the wall at the back,
a circular smashing
with the house of the
that caused brickwork and
panic to land.

The second (and worst)
with a shuddering scream,
flattened and battered
with earth shattered
the house of my childhood

I screamed like a girl
at the fuel from the wings,
as it spread in a slick
and caused me to think
burning and instant

Rushing around to find
gathered possessions,
beseeching to all that we
have to escape and we have to
get out
before fire ignites and
destroys us.

Utterly terrified
right down to the bone,
this dream reoccurring
of low flying aircraft
so close and causing a nightmare
so real.

In Death

’tis not the dark
that scares me so;
for in darkness
the light of your
sainted face would
glow the brighter
for it.

’tis not the silence
that frets me so;
for in silence
the music of your
voice so sweet would
bless the quiet
with it.

’tis not the cold
that worries me so;
for in the chill
the warmth of your
touch so dear would
melt the ice
before it.

’tis not to be still
that panics me so;
for in stillness
the spark of your
powerful lust would
shake my body
in yearning.

’tis only one thing
that petrifies so;
in death timeless
the memory of your
encompassing all would
leave me lost
in mourning.

Sweet Breeze

Sweet breeze,
keep the vessel of my mood
from being swept o’er and
down to the abyss that draws
all at the edge of this earth.
For this journey,
not yet hardly begun still is
deep and full of pleasures
unknown and also yet untasted.
Though the canvas may
be full, and the rigging
tight and true, alas the tiller
of my ship is in hands of
not me.
So, sweet breeze,
I beg thee, keep my course
straight and true
and only into the calm waters of

He’s Gone, He’s Gone

Hush the wind,
he’s gone, he’s gone.

Dowse the sun,
he’s gone, he’s gone.

Dark night begins,
he’s gone, he’s gone.

My hurt begun,
he’s gone, he’s gone.

Remove the stars,
he’s gone, he’s gone.

Unpin the moon,
he’s gone, he’s gone.

Torn is my heart,
he’s gone, he’s gone.

All too soon,
he’s gone, he’s gone.