Don’t Cry, Don’t Cry

I should explain this one. One of my best friends lost his dad very recently. That, combined with memories of losing my own father, inspired this piece. I hope you like it.
And here I lay,
In quiet repose,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And so I’m gone,
Like summers rose,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And darkness now,
Is all I’ll see,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And in your heart,
I’ll forever be,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And in your loss,
A strength you’ll find,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And moon and stars,
Will oft’ remind,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And life I lived,
With love so loud,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.

And be your all,
And make me proud,
Don’t cry, don’t cry.


8 Responses to Don’t Cry, Don’t Cry

  1. This is really lovely, Simon. But I hope it’s not because there has been a bereavement. I tend to take poems literally at times.

  2. And now I’ve just read the topmost sentence. Don’t know how I missed it. I’m sorry for your friend’s loss. All the more lovely that it is from empathy.

  3. I see that now. Crossed in transit. Thanks for updating it.x

  4. This is fabulouly written poem as it captures a sense of loss yet retains the feeling that those we have lost will forever live on inside of us. It really made me sit back and take a reflective view. This is a poem that I shall re-visit.

  5. Reblogged this on scottishmomus and commented:
    I feel compelled to reblog these words of comfort. Having read them over two hours ago, the final stanza is still ringing in my ears and speaking to my heart. To explain.
    Tomorrow I begin participation in a music challenge for 25 days, hosted by Twindaddy. Twenty-five days of songs with accompanying questions prompting the choices.
    The first question is to choose a song from your childhood. The song was easy. The reflection was not. So many memories from so long ago overwhelmed me. Grief at the loss of my parents returned. That was a couple of days ago. Tonight I read these words and found comfort from beyond the veil. Parents never leave our hearts.

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