Let Me Sleep

Let me sleep;
visit me no more
with oft remembered
Let me sleep.

Let me sleep;
grant me peace
from memories bitter
Let me sleep.

Let me sleep;
follow me no more
into depths of darkness
Let me sleep.

Let me sleep;
tease me not again
with passing
Let me sleep.

Let me sleep;
wake me nevermore
with voice
Let me sleep.

Let me sleep;
my love for you
is withered
Let me sleep.


Screaming grief

for love’s

cold demise.

Charcoal tears


bloodshot eyes.

The loss

of a light




Heart was


now time

to mourn.

Reblog : Passive Aggressive

I’ve never linked to someone else’s blog on here before. Not because I don’t think there are any good blogs out there – quite the opposite, I feel extremely overwhelmed and humbled by the frankly superb poetry, prose and fiction I read on a daily basis – but I wanted to link to this post as inspiration for me re-blogging an old poem. I hope you go read the poem at the end of the link, and then read (or re-read) this one. Thank you.

Laying together
bodies inert.
Not saying a word
about what has gone on,
both knowing we’re right
but feeling we’re wrong.
Wanting to reach out
but faking a sleep
that won’t be here until
the peace between us is

Lost deep in thought
replaying all that was said,
reading between lines
of subtext and old conversations.
Both playing this game,
this hurtful, spiteful,
one-upmanship of
passive aggressive

Another layer
of doubt, of mistrust,
built up on shaky foundations
of shared passion and early lust.
This is where relationships
can be made or broken,
in the small hours of the night
when just a single word
of sorrow or contrition
will see faith restored
and faltering love

Turn to me, face me.
Hold me in arms that want
only me.
Tell me you’re sorry,
tell me you’re wrong because
I know that it’s me, but
I don’t have the strength
to shut down my pride
and reach across the emptiness
here in this bed.
With a touch, a kiss,
this can be repaired
and tomorrow will bring light
and another new start
for us.


Ephemeral muse
with ghostly skin
and gaseous hair abound;
caresses mind
with gentle touch
to conjure thoughts

Graceful wanders
through the halls
of darkly troubled mind;
disturbing dust
of memory in
corners hard to find.

She visits soft
when sleep is near
demanding to be heard;
but fleeting stays
and quickly gone
like easy panicked bird.

But while she lingers
temptingly with
inspiration granted;
I’ll take all thoughts
and words produced
in silence so supplanted.


These visions dark
to tease and tempt
that visit me of late;
do vex me so
and will not grant
sleep inviolate.

Not left in peace
this troubled mind
from images displayed;
instead in torture
suffering and
crying out dismayed.

What Godless fiend
would feed to me
these pictures most unholy;
of blackened souls
in torment found
and hearts bereft and lonely.

Remove these sights
from out mine eye
and grant me sleeping peace;
for any man these
visions shown
would long for sweet release.

Beauty By The River

Soft amber sun
colours river in gold,
as we sit on the bank
and share stories old.

Tales of romance
and love unrequited,
secrets betrayed and
hearts sharply blighted.

Luxuriate warmly
in summers last glow,
idly trail fingers
within rivers flow.

Telling me secrets
of crushes and lust,
of passion expended
and falsehoods unjust.

Blossoming nature
a gift to our eyes,
the two of us sharing
this beautiful prize.

To stay here forever
with you in this place,
of cool river flowing
and sunlights embrace.

Nothing more needed
than this time with you,
just sunlight and river
and your beauty true.

Your Description

If I’d never seen
the sunrise,
over hills
of verdant green;
I’d trust in you
your every word
to tell me what you’d seen.

If I’d never felt
the gentle breeze,
over skin;
I’d trust in you
your every sigh
which paints the wind so keen.

If I’d never tasted
of gardens
ripening fruit;
I’d trust in you
your tender lips
to show to me the truth.

If I’d never seen
such beauty
in woman’s face
I’d know to gaze
in awe at you
and see it all and more.