Dust And Ash

And like trouble, when one comes along, another is soon behind it. I hope you can clearly see the inspiration to this.

’tis no secret more,
In depth of wicked evil,
That harms the soul as such
A tale told without a tongue.
For such an act of
Treacherous stain,
In all its hellish glory
Does nought but tell the story
Of thy truth.
And O, such a truth;
In all my days, a love as such
So heavenly gifted, and yet,
Reveals itself to be nought but
Dust and ash, dust. And ash.


Blue Day

Well, it’s been FAR too long since my last post. A combination of missing muse, no time, and no energy has made it very hard to write. I’ve finally managed to create something new. I hope you like it.

Now nought but dreams
Where once you lay,
A shadowed form revealed in
Sheets that greet me
At the end of day.

Five summers now
Have cast their glow,
Since future closed to all my
Dreams and dammed the
Joy in life’s sweet flow.

In dust and shade
I see your steps,
To follow through our once proud
Home and find the
Box where treasure kept.

For me no more
A life with you,
Such time we shared is all that’s
Left to soothe me
When the day turns blue.

A Dog Named Bob

I wrote this for the Daily Prompt – although so far it’s not displayed!:
“You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob” I hope you like it. (It took me 15 minutes!)

The mailbox called with empty mouth,
No letters seen within,
And mocking bluejay ‘pon the branch,
Did commence to sing.

I thought about my precious heart,
Served to you on a plate,
Where was the love that we once shared,
Where come from, all this hate?

Oh damn these tears, as syrup stick,
To lashes of my eyes,
I told myself I would not grieve,
Nor cry about your lies.

My mailbox then will have a use,
I’ll use my own dark ink,
And send to you a letter wrote,
With words to make you think.

You stole from me that which I loved,
My heart you chose to rob,
I feel alone and sweetly lost,
Just like a dog named Bob.


You can probably tell, this one was written more with the idea of “get something out there” than anything else. I’m kind of trying to ‘prime the pump’ – if I write something, maybe more will flow? Anyway, I hope you like this one, although truth be told it’s not my best. Thank you for reading.

’tis not for naught I rail against
The oft’ cruel dark and wicked
World, for single voice with firm resolve
Can bring the light abroad;

With strength of will I stand opposed
To every arrow fate can
Send, not bowing to the storm that tests
Nor wind with anger roars;

If not my damaged soul repents
And begs for one redeeming
Chance, what further hope could any have
Amongst the damned and flawed;

So with a shout I lift my voice
And call to arms my fellow
Man, we join as one against the dark
And bring the light abroad.

Hearts Truth

It’s been a while since I managed to create something new, but finally, my muse had helped me birth the following. I hope you like it.

A memory of a memory,
A ghost of faded ghost.
The missing truth of hidden love,
To which my heart plays host.

A fantasy in a fantasy,
A dream within a dream.
The painful truth of stolen love,
In heart no longer seen.

The mystery of a mystery,
The cause of such a cause.
A sudden truth of opened love,
That gives a heart to pause.

Such honesty in honesty,
A tale within a tale.
A welcome truth of new found love,
To which my heart sets sail.