Where does this shadow,
Doubt encloaked,
Arise though so unbidden?
A beauty gifted,
Bless-ed so,
But lost and sadly hidden.

What past intrusions
Caused this fear,
A lack of confidence?
With words and deeds
To change a mind,
Is now my future, hence.

Though recent hist’ry
Paints a view,
Of honesty untrusted;
With all my strength
And stupid words,
I’ll make a view adjusted.

For I not care what
May be heard,
From lovers in the past;
I’ll sow the seeds of
Beauty’s truth,
In blossoms made to last.

To me you are the
Of female loving grace,
And I would die a
Happy man,
With the memory of your face.



My muse, long absent and much missed, has paid a visit. I hope you like this, as short as it is.

A glimpse, a glance,
The merest chance,
To see your heavens face;
With all the world,
And days unfurled,
Away with dreams I chase.

A doubt, a pause,
An unknown cause
A struggle to accept;
But with a word,
Such beauty heard,
And doubts away are swept.

A smile, a kiss,
The unnamed bliss,
Of what this life may show;
For now my dreams,
Are where you’re seen,
And where your name I know.

These Things I Dream

No explanation for this one. I opened my mind to what would follow “These things I dream…” I hope you like it.

These things I dream…
A room of white in early dawn,
The scent of spring contained,
No sound but that of
Passing breeze,
That calls a sweet refrain…

These things I dream…
A shaded wood from legends tale,
With sunlight piercing gloom,
A river cool flows
Round about,
The cherry trees in bloom…

These things I dream…
The land aflame with fire bright,
A million candles burn,
With single breath
Flames are doused
The world forever turns…

These things I dream…
Unending night and scattered stars,
A universe arrayed,
Where time is lost
Forever chased
And love is not betrayed…

These things I dream…
Perfected beauty in a glance,
A timeless life in view,
If not for dreams
That visit me
I’d never picture you.

See Yourself

This is one of those ones that hit me in a flash, all of a sudden, while my mind was preoccupied. The title lit up my mind like a solar flare, and the rest flowed from it. I hope you like it.

See yourself,
As I do,
Such beauty out and in;
Words I have fall cruelly short
And to my actions I resort,
But where do I begin?

See yourself,
As others do,
A person strong and true;
I have not art to paint you dear
But in my deeds I may get near,
To half convincing you.

See yourself,
As strangers do,
An angel from above;
You bless our lives with sainted grace
A smile upon your precious face,
The pureness of a dove.

See yourself,
As lovers do,
Your presence needed most;
No time enough to make you see
Just what you, darling, mean to me,
Desire to keep you close.

See yourself,
As I do,
Be not so full of doubt;
Believe me when I tell you true
That I can see the heart of you,
Such beauty in and out.


Sudden inspiration struck me the other day. I was sitting on this, waiting to see if anything more came, but it didn’t. So I thought I’d post it now.  I hope you like it.

Such oceans deep, and miles away,
A distance kept apart.
How can a face in perfect form
Be placed in tainted heart.
As Disney queen, a beauty cruel,
Though passion so revealed.
To never know the touch of hand
Is torture not concealed.
A dreaming night, a treasured sleep,
Will grant me time with you.
But ghostly pictures shown at night,
Could never be as true.
To think of how your breath may sound,
When whispering my name.
The scent of skin, a perfume sweet,
A rose in all but name.
I may imagine such a life
Where days are spent in lust.
But cold and hard reality
Will leave my hopes to rust.
For now I watch, from distance far,
And dream on what might be.
When time and distance no more stand
As wall twixt you and me.

Reblog : The Watches Of The Dark

Faithful readers,
In honour of William Shakespeare’s birthday, I thought I’d reblog this effort at ‘Shakespearean language’.
I hope you like it.


Though shy, thou art,
in beauty kept,
the world would pause
and be so swept
away ‘pon waves
of jealous sea
by sweetness shown
to such as me.

Enraptured heart
so owned by thee,
celestial grace
and gloried be,
my blessed life
enlightened so
by passions kiss
in moonlights glow.

With rising sun
the precious dawn
still fades when shown
thy perfect form,
and in this mornings
revealing light,
my eyes doth see
thy beauty bright.

Stay here with me
in life so shared,
where days will pass
without a care,
and in the watches
of the dark,
you’ll tame my body,
my soul and heart.

Is It Stalking?

Is it stalking?
If I sit, and stare, and lose myself
In eyes of oak and knowing
Forgive this plaintive gaze;
The eye that beholds
Such beauty, is an eye
That denies the phrase
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
For even those that have not
Beheld would surely venerate
Thy beauty.
Is it stalking?
If I sit, and stare, and lose myself
In mahogany eyes and tender
Tell me, is it stalking?