Cause And Effect

That first touch
of lips on breast,
giving heat, creating moisture
causing a snatching of breath.

Pressure increased,
teeth gently nip,
mixing pleasure, the threat of pain
causing a twitching of hip.

Hand takes it part
in moulding the flesh,
soft yet firm, work toughened skin,
causing all thought to head west.

Fingers explore
with a touch ever faint,
spark across skin, feel hardly there,
causing a loss of restraint.

Coaxing in passion
the centre to part,
opening given, trust shown in love,
causing a pounding of heart.

Digital pressure
on sweet swollen bud,
expertly teasing, hard and then not,
causing a fire in blood.

Mouth covers moaning
and breaths sweet release,
inhaling the sigh, the sound of this cry
causing a satisfied peace.

A Taste Of Passion – Part 5

He rose to his feet, flushed, but satisfied that he had made her come like that. He now felt more comfortable letting her pleasure him, because if he didn’t ‘last’ he knew that she had reached at least one climax and that was fair in his mind. He slowly started to undo is own jeans. As the button popped, and the zip came down, she couldn’t help but focus her eyes on the bulge in the front her. She unconsciously licked her lips and felt her heartbeat quicken again in anticipation. As he lowered his jeans and underwear in one, and then straightened up, he felt slightly self conscious being this way in front of her – naked now, and fully erect – but at the same time he felt a thrill of being looked upon and lusted after.
He crawled onto the bed, the stiffness of his manhood flopping around a little, feeling ridiculous. He lay down on his back as she moved to kneel between his legs. While she looked into his eyes, she took his hard cock in her hands and gently began to massage and stroke it. Almost immediately, he felt a growing surge in his groin – the fact that a woman, this woman, was touching him in this way was overpowering. He kept his eyes on hers, but in his peripheral vision he could see her hand and painted nails working on him. She slowly lowered her head, all the while keeping her eyes locked on his, and kissed the tip of his member. Another surge of desire pulsed through him. Now it was his turn to start breathing deeper and slower as he anticipated the sensation of being taken into the mouth of this gorgeous creature. And he didn’t have long to wait. She finally took her eyes from him to concentrate on what she was going to do next, what she loved doing for a man, what she wanted to do to this man.
She ran her tongue from the base of his stiff manhood all the way to the tip once… then again… then on the third time she opened her mouth and enveloped him in her mouth. He groaned aloud, the feeling of heat, wet, a slight sucking sensation, filling his every sense. Oh God, she was good at this.
She slowly moved her head up and down, all the while gently sucking at him, one hand grasping the shaft, the other gently fondling his testicles. He couldn’t stop himself from swearing, gently, and reaching out to stroke the hair on her head. She varied the speed and tempo – sometimes speeding up, and then slowing right down so he could feel her drawing her lips slowly to the tip, before swallowing him again deep into her mouth. She began breathing heavily through her nose as she felt more heat begin to swell between her legs. The effect she was having on him, the taste of him, the unavoidable porn film connotations of the act she was performing, all combined to once again awake her own desire, so soon after being satiated herself. She took her hand from his sack and started to gently massage her clitoris, circular motions of her two middle fingers very quickly raising her own passion.
He didn’t want her to stop. He wanted her to stop. He didn’t want to come. He wanted to come.
He could feel himself start to lose control. His own hips now very gently moved in response to her motions, so that he was thrusting gently up toward her. She could feel his muscles tensing, knowing this meant that he was close to finishing. She started to moan from her throat, her hand rubbing herself becoming more fevered, her mouth working and head moving faster. He couldn’t control himself, he started to moan louder, calling out to God, calling her name, swearing to the ceiling.
With a final burst within him, he could bear it no longer. He cried out one last time as he fired his seed into her mouth. As she felt him climax, and felt his ejaculate hit her mouth she herself began to climax again, hand pressing at the most sensitive part of her. She cried out from her throat, not taking her mouth from him until she knew he was fully spent. Her climax wasn’t as intense as it was when he did for her, but it was still a fantastic feeling, being able to satisfy this man the way she had and be able to bring herself to orgasm.
She kept her mouth still, holding him inside it. She felt him begin to soften, and so with a swallow she slowly rose from kneeling before him.
They looked at each other. Him with affection, awe, wide-eyed admiration. She also with affection, but also satisfaction and a small amount of pride. She crawled up the bed toward him, and fell at his side to rest her head on his chest. She could feel his heart thumping, his chest heaving like a bellows. He had obviously enjoyed that.
And the night was still young.

A Taste Of Passion – Part 4

One of the things he loved to do for a woman was to pleasure her with his mouth and fingers. And looking at this gorgeous body lying in front of him, he knew what he wanted to do more than anything at that moment. Gently but firmly gripping her hips, he slid her down the bed a little, so that her buttocks were on the very edge of the mattress.
He then knelt on the floor before the bed so that her neatly trimmed pubic mound was at eye level. He leaned forward, and at first only kissed her inner thighs, slowly moving his mouth upwards toward her wet center, before stopping and kissing back down her pale skin. She moaned aloud with tension and desire, feeling his breath and warm lips on her sensitive inner thighs. As his kisses moved up her thighs, she could barely contain herself from grabbing his head and forcing his mouth onto her throbbing lips. She could feel herself damp, and her clitoris swollen and aching to be licked and sucked upon. At last, she felt his gentle breath on her pubic hair and then, oh sweet bliss, his tongue gently began to probe between her lips. Slowly moving up the length of her slit, approaching her clitoris and then with a jolt the connection was made and she could not help but throw her head back and moan again, louder.
He savored her taste, her scent, he savored the control he possessed in just his lips and tongue, control over this woman’s body. He gently and slowly slid a finger into her, all the while concentrating on the sensations of her on his mouth. Another moan and a gasp escaped her as he pushed his finger further into her. She could feel already the approaching storm of her orgasm, and she didn’t want it there yet, not yet, but at the same time she welcomed it, she wanted to ride this wave of immense pleasure to completion.
He could feel the unconscious movement of her hips, gently rolling and moving to better experience the sensation imparted by this finger deep within her. He knew she was getting close to climax, and being that this was something he got just as much pleasure and enjoyment out of than she did, he kept going, slightly increasing the pressure of his mouth and the movement of his finger. She began to cry out, sounding like a porn film soundtrack, but he knew this was no staged scene, or someone following a script. She really was that into what was happening and this caused his own desire and need to increase.
She could feel it… it was coming… she was coming. The surge started deep within her, exploding outwards in a long burst of pure pleasure. The feelings and sensations of his lips, his tongue, his finger, her own body’s movement, all merged and melted together so that her whole body was drenched in this sexual release.
Her back was arched, her head thrown back. She held her breath, wanting to drag out this feeling, like a surfer on a once in a lifetime wave, wanting to ride it out as long as possible.
He stopped moving, leaving his finger inside her but lifting his head to watch her orgasm. The satisfaction of being able to make her feel like this was amazing. He could smell her on his top lip, taste her on his tongue. That most intimate scent and flavor of a woman.
As her climax started to wind down like a jet engine coming to a stop, her thoughts turned to him. Her mind was filled with his body, picturing how his erect cock would look, feel, taste. She slowly raised herself on her elbows, looking down at him. With flushed cheeks she smiled a dirty, knowing smile and beckoned him onto the bed.

A Taste Of Passion – Part 3

As he lay there, getting his breath back a little, he turned his head to look at her, as she started to undo the button fly on her jeans. He thought she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. With a surge, he rolled onto his side toward her and then knelt up. He manoeuvred himself so that he knelt between her legs. She stopped undoing her jeans and looked at him, with a small smile. He bent over from the waist and gently moved her hands away from her fly.
He then slowly started to pop one button at a time out of each hole. As he did, and more of her pale skin was revealed, he leaned further forward and gently kissed the area that the opening in the jeans showed, just above the waistband of her underwear. Each kiss sent a small shudder through her abdomen, and the breath from his nose and mouth warmed her skin.
Once the jeans were fully undone, he slipped backwards off the bed, to his feet, and gently eased the denim over her buttocks. They were tight – skin tight – but with a small amount of effort they came free, and she lay there in just her g-string. Yet again, he paused, to drink in the image of sexual perfection he could see laying before him. She was pale, but in a glowing, ephemeral way. She grew a little self conscious and drew one of her legs up to bend at the knee. She placed an arm behind her head to support her and give her a better angle to look at him. He stood there, in just a pair of jeans, looking down at her. She felt owned, possessed, but in a very good way. As though this man could take her for himself, and she would willingly submit.
He got back onto the bed, once again kneeling between her legs, but this time he lifted her bent leg so that it rested on his shoulder, and he turned his face toward it and began to gently kiss the inner calf and knee. As he worked his way with lips and tongue along her inner thigh, he began to lower himself back toward her flat, firm stomach.
More feather-like kisses peppered her stomach, but as his passion started to grow beyond the slow and sensual, he used more tongue, with firmer, fuller kisses. He reached her navel, and playfully flicked his tongue in and around it. She began to squirm under him, his physical attention and her own inner passion making her become more aroused. Leaving a thin trail of saliva, he drew his tongue down from her navel to the top of her g-string. He then gently, but with firm pressure, began to kiss the fabric that covered her pubic mound. She now began to breathe heavier, deeper, as the pressure from his lips, and the occasional probe with his tongue, started to encourage the flame between her legs to grow. As he pushed at the fabric with his tongue, there was the lightest of touches on that secret, hidden part of her and it sent a shock from the her groin to the top of her head, like a flash of lightening. Her hips gave a small involuntary thrust upwards, as though communicating her bodies desire before her mind could articulate it. She thought she would burst if she didn’t feel his lips and tongue on her actual flesh, on that warm, wet part of her. Just as she was about to take the initiative and remove her final piece of clothing, she felt his fingers slide up her thighs, hook into the band of her g-string, and slowly start to pull them down. Her heart sped up again and she lifted her buttocks off the bed to allow the flimsy piece of cloth to slide away and onto the bedroom floor. She now lay there, naked and open to him, and desiring him more than any time since they had met.

A Taste Of Passion – Part 2

With only a slight hesitancy, the bra was removed and her breasts were freed to be gazed upon by her new lover.
He didn’t want to stare, didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, but for just a moment his eyes left hers and he gazed in awe at her beauty. Throughout his sexual past he had always had this feeling that he experienced now, a feeling of not being worthy. This woman, this gorgeous, sexy woman was here willing to have sex with him. He felt unreal, dreamlike.
He bent from the waste, using his elbow to lift himself toward her, and he carefully kissed the swell of her breast. Gentle, butterfly-soft kisses touched the skin above her nipple, causing it to become increasingly tauter.
As his mouth worked it’s way toward the bright pink nub at the centre of her breast her breaths became deeper, longer, and as his lips closed over it she could not help but let out a small moan. She had always had very sensitive breasts, and it was one part of her body that sent shocks of sharp pleasure racing through her when they were kissed or touched. Her hand came up and caressed the back of his head as she looked down, watching his eyes closed in pleasure and concentration.
As he removed his mouth from her, she pulled his head up toward her to kiss him again, deeply, tongues revelling in their newly discovered dance of passion. She now wanted to see more of him, more of his skin, his shape. She broke from the kiss and started to lift his t-shirt over his head. He helped, lifting first one arm and then the other, until she could throw the t-shirt away from the bed. He sat there, upright with her across his lap, now as topless as she was. Now it was her turn to pause for a moment, to gaze at his chest. A few dark hairs covered it, not overly thick but dark and curly. His chest was quite athletic, not pumped like a body builder but firm. His nipples she could see were also hard and firm, and her hand wandered across his pectoral muscles feeling the chest hair play across her fingers.
His hand moved up and mirrored her movements. When she moved her hand left to right across his chest, so did he. When she gently squeezed one of his nipples, eliciting a small gasp from him, he did the same, and she felt a corresponding twitch of pleasure, spiced with pain, across her breast. She also felt a pull, a small shudder from between her legs, and knew that this foreplay, though exquisite in feeling, would, could only lead to fulfilment less she burst with pleasure. She eased herself off of him, slowly laying back down on the bed, and started to undo her jeans.

A Taste Of Passion – Part 1

They’d waited an age for this night together. The flirting had began as fun, a comment now and then, moving onto exchanged emails and texts. When they both realized that this could actually become something serious, something special, each conversation had extra electricity, each physical meeting almost charged with the promise of some explosive force waiting to be unleashed. Through mutual understanding they had agreed to take things slow. A dinner date, a day spent at the museum followed by a film. Feeling each other out, in preparation for exposing their true feelings.
And now, after a night of wonderful food and rich, expensive wine, they were alone in the hotel room. They had decided on a neutral place for their first exploration of each other so that neither of them felt awkward, or inclined to leave as soon as pleasure was taken.

They were stretched out on the bed, still fully clothed but minus shoes. Lying on their sides, bodies touching through denim, eyes closed. Their kisses had started as soon as they had closed the hotel room door, stumbling toward the bed while not wanting to lose the fire that had started within them from the dancing passion of their entwined tongues.
They had reached a peak of breathlessness, hands clawing at clothes but not yet exposing willing and hungry flesh. With a gasp, they had pulled apart to stand before each other, chests heaving and blood pumping. She had taken his hand, led him to the bed. She had turned him and made him sit, and then knelt before him to take off his shoes. He thought it was one of the most romantic things he’d ever experienced, looking down at her kneeling before him, picturing other scenarios where this view could come to pass.

After rising and taking off her own shoes, they had lay down together, shuffling toward each other until here they were, kisses now slower, deeper, but no less full of desire and want.
His jeans became tighter as his erection surged against its restraining cloth, almost screaming internally to be let free, to explore the very centre of this beautiful woman. The fabric of her bra, with each slight movement, causing her already erect nipples to tingle with ice-like fire. With each passing second of their long, slow kisses, the temperature in the room seemed to rise and the air felt thinner. With a surge of movement, he rolled her on top of him, pulling her from her side so she straddled his lap. The weight of her against his already swollen member was like an exquisite torture. She sat up, and with a serious look in her eyes that asked without words whether or not he knew how wonderful this night would be, she slowly started to unbutton her blouse. As each button left it’s hole, more of her beautiful alabaster skin was revealed until the shirt fell to the floor and she sat astride him in just her bra. His eyes never left hers as she slowly reached round behind her back, to undo the clasp holding the bra fastened.