Broken Mirror

Yes, I am at work today, but this one kept nudging and probing at my mind until I got it out and down on the page. Hope you like it.

Don’t look too long in mirror broke
For fear of spirits seen.
A fractured glimpse of backward world
Where old loves may have been.

It holds the eye this shattered glass
And draws the mind within.
Hours fade while standing lost
Mem’ries seen therein.

Reflected world confused with scars
Shows dark and twisted place.
Where once familiar eyes looked out
Is now a strangers face.

Eternal light that’s captured so
In plane of silver sheen.
Still shows a glimpse of shadows dark
Amongst the broken beams.

As mind is lost to splintered glass
Through barrier so thin.
All sense is lost of where you end
And where your shade begins.

As finally your will is lost
The inner self replaced.
Your soul is lost to mirrored world
Gone without a trace.


Light The Night

A while ago, the wonderfully talented Hastywords suggested we team up for another poem. I really enjoyed writing with her, but she has decided to no longer write in collaboration, so I’m honoured that I managed to write one more time with her. I hope you like this one.

Falling inside raindrops made of glass
Wordless laments land and shatter
On silent sidewalks paying no mind
To the broken edges that they scatter

Unheard cries and oft ignored entreaties
Silence is all that is returned
Screaming out into the heartless void
Knowing all such pleas will be spurned

Landslides full of debris fill lengthy valleys
Without warning and without concern
Shouting headlong a battle cry in defeat
Everything crushed, nothing left to discern

Entombed in rubbled hopelessness so shattered
No longer seeing sunlight’s given hope
How can one so survive such brutal burial?
How can one in such drowning learn to cope?

Courage will grant strength and with that fortitude
To stand against the dark and make a fight
And though all but a spark from me is taken
This spark will burn enough to light the night.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror dark and
Mirror black,
Release my soul
And give it back.

Mirror bleak and
Mirror cold,
Return the strength
That made me bold.

Mirror hard and
Mirror shear,
Reflect to me
My inner fear.

Mirror bright and
Mirror bold,
Show to me
Thy stories old.

Mirror real and
Mirror true,
To see myself
I look to you.

Mirror, mirror
Glowing there,
Haunting me
Without a care,
Hide thy gaze
And dull thy glow,
For what I see
Is more I’d care
To know.

Silver River

The black and white banks
Of the river that flows
Past buildings neglected
And lit by moons glow.

The silver light burning
From lunar’s harsh burn
Casts shades of dark pitch
In which lovers are spurned.

Down moonlit cold paths
Where the dreamers may roam
Could be seen kindred spirits
Who just want to atone.

A chill from the water
Seeps slowly within
While the moon in its heaven
Shows wanderers sin.

Come walk with me angel
And see the dark sights
We’ll ponder the dreams
Painted by the moonlight.

The Watches Of The Dark

Faithful readers,
It’s been a while again, I know, but I’ve been ever so tired and not had the energy or the time to write. But last night, with thanks to… well, let’s call her my inspiration, I’ve produced another attempt at a more ‘Shakespearean’ feel of a poem. I hope you like it. And thank you for still reading.
Much love,


Though shy, thou art,
in beauty kept,
the world would pause
and be so swept
away ‘pon waves
of jealous sea
by sweetness shown
to such as me.

Enraptured heart
so owned by thee,
celestial grace
and gloried be,
my blessed life
enlightened so
by passions kiss
in moonlights glow.

With rising sun
the precious dawn
still fades when shown
thy perfect form,
and in this mornings
revealing light,
my eyes doth see
thy beauty bright.

Stay here with me
in life so shared,
where days will pass
without a care,
and in the watches
of the dark,
you’ll tame my body,
my soul and heart.


As the darkness that flows
from the abyss of finality
envelopes and draws me in,
there is one light that will
comfort me in my final moments.
One light, that shines as would
a single star in the night sky
if all other stars were extinguished.
One light, with the strength to
comfort and warm, to reassure
that though these days are now done,
I am truly blessed to have basked in
this final glow.

That light, my love, is you.