Thanks To You

A follower of mine gently prompted me that they wanted to read something new of mine. So… This came from the sputtering fountain of my creativity. Hope you like it.

Come creep with me, on slippered feet,
Through halls of damaged heart;
See where my pain and sickly sin
Began, through lovers art.
We’ll pick the bones from weathered corpse,
And flay the damaged soul;
This worthless man without a tale,
A story left untold.

These doors within will open wide,
Allow you sweet ingress;
Never once would I believe
I’d welcome such a guest.
Come gather round revealing flame,
And see the sights within;
Select the mem’ry, play it out,
You’ll see where hate begins.

Though cold and dark my inner self,
I trust in your belief;
That deep within my damaged heart,
You’ll wake a sweet relief.
No more the hate, no more than pain,
My mem’ries sweeter hued;
The light of hope, a change within,
I give all thanks to you.


Come With Me

One of those pieces that just fell out of me, hurriedly written and posted. Hope you like it.

Come with me
My precious one,
We’ll journey where the dreams
To drink the wine of summers past
From fragile jade and golden glass,
We’ll build a future set to last,
My darling precious one.

Come with me
My truest one,
We’ll take the road no others
We’ll hear the words the poets write
That paint the page with pictures bright,
We’ll make a world in heavens sight,
My darling truest one.

Come with me
My loving one,
We’ll leave behind all sin that’s
We’ll take once more this chance on trust
The very stars will envy us,
A sweetest romance born of lust,
My darling loving one.


These words kind of fell out of me tonight. The very first sentence was what triggered it, and as happens a lot, the rest just… Flowed. I hope you like it.

If I listened to the wine,
I’d pick up the phone,
Your voice would be soothing
To hear.
But that way lies sorrow
And things for tomorrow
So for now I’ll just sit
And cry here.

If I trusted the music,
I’d think love was real,
And not a cruel promise
That broke.
And the pain that did follow
With a heart made so hollow
Would not echo with words
Never spoke.

If the clocks could run backwards,
I’d start all anew,
Not make the mistakes that
Were made.
I’d inhale and I’d swallow
All my plans of tomorrow
For no future is too bright
To fade.

The Tyburn tree

I was watching a TV show about 18th century English ‘rogues’ and they talked about the hanging site in London – known as the Tyburn tree. This poem came from that. I hope you like it.

My time has come,
My crimes before all
Gathered here to see;
To journey down
The Oxford road,
And join the
Tyburn tree.

Caught fair and square,
By mister Wilde and
That’s as how it be;
He’ll see me hang
Beneath the blue,
A fruit of
Tyburn tree.

This London town,
In all its filth has
Been a home to me;
And yet alas,
‘twil be my end,
Beneath the
Tyburn tree.

Yet no regret,
Does this son feel
For such a thief as he;
As he will grace
The swinging noose,
That hangs from
Tyburn tree.

And so we draw,
Amongst the crowds who
Stand and stare at me;
Their hero now
Has come in pride,
Before the
Tyburn tree.

Oh raise a drink,
And give a shout and
Maybe pray for me;
For here I end
With neck in noose,
Beneath the
Tyburn tree.

Blue Day

Well, it’s been FAR too long since my last post. A combination of missing muse, no time, and no energy has made it very hard to write. I’ve finally managed to create something new. I hope you like it.

Now nought but dreams
Where once you lay,
A shadowed form revealed in
Sheets that greet me
At the end of day.

Five summers now
Have cast their glow,
Since future closed to all my
Dreams and dammed the
Joy in life’s sweet flow.

In dust and shade
I see your steps,
To follow through our once proud
Home and find the
Box where treasure kept.

For me no more
A life with you,
Such time we shared is all that’s
Left to soothe me
When the day turns blue.

Love You More

This was originally posted on ScottishMomus blog, but as I’ve not posted anything to my own recently, I thought I’d reappropriate it. I hope you like it.

Take me dear and lead me on
Through willows where you roam,
Along the paths of memory
With secrets all alone,
For if I am to love you more
These things I should be shown.

Take me dear with gentle hand
And show me where you go,
The secret places behind the dreams
Beneath the rivers flow,
For if I am to love you more
These things I need to know.

Take me dear along with you
Across the fields and loam,
Underneath the purple sky
With wishes richly sewn,
For if I am to love you more
Such flowers should be grown.

Take me dear with arm in arm
We’ll bask in summers glow,
To tell me stories of your past
In whispers sweet and low,
For if I am to love you more
Such truths they should be so

Take me dear, my trust is yours
This heart so made of stone,
For though its hard and tainted so
It’s willing to atone,
And if you are to love me dear
This heart is yours to own.

Chasing The Moment

I wrote this tonight. I toyed with adding another verse or two, but these seemed to say all I wanted to say. I hope you like it

It lasts a breath, a single beat,
But years in memory,
The sigh that sung and rang aloud,
A stunning symphony,
But when it’s gone, I’ll always be,
Chasing the moment.

A glance that hit, like charging volt,
It shocked the core of me,
And veins and nerves still tingle so,
With electricity,
But when it fades, I’ll always be,
Chasing the moment.

A taste so sweet, forbidden sin,
First kiss you gave to me,
The unknown flavour lingers so,
Invoking memories,
But when that dies, I’ll always be,
Chasing the moment.

One single second, all it took,
To change the life of me,
All time before no longer counts,
Removes all history,
Forever now, I’ll always be,
Chasing the moment.