Thanks To You

A follower of mine gently prompted me that they wanted to read something new of mine. So… This came from the sputtering fountain of my creativity. Hope you like it.

Come creep with me, on slippered feet,
Through halls of damaged heart;
See where my pain and sickly sin
Began, through lovers art.
We’ll pick the bones from weathered corpse,
And flay the damaged soul;
This worthless man without a tale,
A story left untold.

These doors within will open wide,
Allow you sweet ingress;
Never once would I believe
I’d welcome such a guest.
Come gather round revealing flame,
And see the sights within;
Select the mem’ry, play it out,
You’ll see where hate begins.

Though cold and dark my inner self,
I trust in your belief;
That deep within my damaged heart,
You’ll wake a sweet relief.
No more the hate, no more than pain,
My mem’ries sweeter hued;
The light of hope, a change within,
I give all thanks to you.



It’s always the rain I remember.
Whenever someone asks me, “what happened?”, and I have to think back to that day, the day when in a moment my life changed, it’s always the rain I recall first.
Because if it wasn’t for the rain, would I have been there, in your room? Would I instead have been out, rushing through a thousand and one different tasks, each demanding my time?
But no. The rain had kept me in, and as I think back, it was the music of the rain on the window that soundtracked my rude awakening. The soft susurration, in that moment, replacing the sound of my stopped breath.
In that split second, when I read and understood those words, to wish with all my heart that I could go back to not knowing, to carry on living in ignorant bliss; the constant rain denying the fact that I could stop time, reverse it.
Such simple words, a few syllables, once sentence, but with the power to explode my every assumption. To tear away the false facade that was my life, and reveal to me a new future, one of unknown and unplanned for changes.
But throughout those changes, throughout the pain and torment, there was always one constant. The rain.

An Announcement

Dearest readers,
Recently, I have been reading a book by Douglas Coupland called “Life After God”. It is a collection of very short stories, told in, quite often, single paragraphs. They are about life, observations, the feelings and thoughts and emotions of the narrator. I love the style of Douglas Coupland anyway, but these stories have really touched something within me.
So – for the next little while, I’m taking a break from the poetry, and this blog will become a place for me to try this sort of writing. Some posts will be very short, some maybe a little longer, but they will all try and follow the same style and idea of snap-shots of life. Important note – they will all be fictional. I will not be writing about my own life. Some of the things that come out may seem quite sad, or fraught, or painful – but though they may be coloured by my own past (anyone who writes, their words are always shaded by a life that has been lived) they will all be fiction.

So – I do hope those of you who still read this blog stick with me, and find the things I am going to (attempt to) write will hold your interest. I will not be stopping the poetry altogether, for although my poetic muse has taken an extended leave of absence recently, I know she will be back and those words will flow again.

Thank you, whoever you are, for reading this, and for any and all support you’ve given me in the past. Here’s to a new adventure in language and literature.

Much love,



I fantasise ’bout peace and love,
From Lennon’s song Imagine;
But life with all its kicks and stabs
Makes sure of one reaction;
A raging ‘gainst the day to day,
The pettiness of people;
How can a race hope to improve
And treat all kinds as equal?

We victimise the lower class,
And those of lesser station;
Those with all and everything
Control the living nation;
What chances do the normal have,
Those struggling with living;
What can we do to ease the pain
And promote a world of giving?

The politics of social change,
The crying of the needy;
Ignored by those with bonuses
The evil and the greedy;
With dark despair I face the day,
All hope of changes fading;
The effectiveness of charity
Withdrawing and degrading.

Come join with me my fellow man,
And make the change we’re needing;
Together with a strengthened will
We’ll listen to those pleading;
As Lennon said those years ago,
You may think me a dreamer;
But if these dreams will make a change
Then I’ll gladly be that dreamer.

What Once Went Before

We met by the green
in a pub with fine wine,
we laughed at the terrorist
wasting his time.

You spoke of your life,
and how you loved yoga,
I ordered a drink
a sweet lime and soda.

Our first kiss was nervous,
our second a pleasure,
by the end of the night
we thought this was forever.

We spent nights together
and days trading words,
such terms of affection
I’ve never once heard.

But cry out alas,
it wasn’t to be,
we came to the end of
our wonderful journey.

And now you have someone
to share in your life,
a man of such kindness,
and wit like a knife.

I smile in remembrance
of all that we had,
what once went before
wasn’t so bad.

Before I Was A Broken Man

I was different, quite full of hope,
before I was a broken man.
I thought fragility was for others,
my trust so placed in inner strength,
belief in love and romance true,
before I was a broken man.

I was unique, I stood apart,
before I was a broken man.
But now in commonality I’m joined,
with other souls in a sea of hurt,
once I soared above it all,
before I was a broken man.

I once did smile, had faith in joy,
before I was a broken man.
I took from life such pleasure as owed,
my disposition held a positive bent,
with happiness I looked on all,
before I was a broken man.

I was different, so very different,
before I was a broken man.
But life in cruelty and unfair sport,
has hammered and broken all I once was,
and left me with naught but these memories from
before I was a broken man.

One Step Forward

When I start to believe
my world is improving,
and my journey through
life is on the right track;
that’s when it hits me
with clarity pure,
it’s one step forward
but two steps back.

When heart feels a healing
and building anew,
no longer just coloured
by misery black;
I’m struck by the notion
pointed out clear,
it’s one step forward
but two steps back.

When changes are made
with a positive bent,
and the day has been seized
with no cause to look back;
I wake to the thought that
this progress is fake,
it’s one step forward
but two steps back.

I don’t ask for much in this
life that I lead,
needs are humble and there’s
not much I lack;
just a change in my fortune
that leads to the chance
of two steps forward
and one step back.