This started with the first line, and grew from there. It’s been a while, I hope you like it

I only know one lullaby,
It’s music dark and fierce.
Weaving pictures in the mind,
Showing truths so hard to find,
No more will eyes be ever blind,
This lullaby is sweet.

I only know one lullaby,
It’s words an evil tale.
Changing history as it’s writ,
Faking love, the fire it lit,
Finally a lie that fit,
This lullaby is cruel.

I only know one lullaby,
It’s rhythm hot and deep.
Tarnishing a once proud soul,
To shake the bones it’s only goal,
Finally you’ll learn your role,
This lullaby is harsh.

I only know one lullaby,
It’s sound will toll the end.
To rip the heart from out the chest,
Crushing hope at its behest,
And maybe that is for the best,
This lullaby is mine. 


Thanks To You

A follower of mine gently prompted me that they wanted to read something new of mine. So… This came from the sputtering fountain of my creativity. Hope you like it.

Come creep with me, on slippered feet,
Through halls of damaged heart;
See where my pain and sickly sin
Began, through lovers art.
We’ll pick the bones from weathered corpse,
And flay the damaged soul;
This worthless man without a tale,
A story left untold.

These doors within will open wide,
Allow you sweet ingress;
Never once would I believe
I’d welcome such a guest.
Come gather round revealing flame,
And see the sights within;
Select the mem’ry, play it out,
You’ll see where hate begins.

Though cold and dark my inner self,
I trust in your belief;
That deep within my damaged heart,
You’ll wake a sweet relief.
No more the hate, no more than pain,
My mem’ries sweeter hued;
The light of hope, a change within,
I give all thanks to you.


I wrote this to take part in the Whimword latest challenge, using the word “locket”. Hope you like it.

It shines upon her beating chest,
This tiny store of hopes and dreams,
An image kept at loves behest,
But he, alas, not as he seems.

The fragile chain that holds it there,
Made of gold with tender clasp,
Formed by hands of love and care,
And with its links this heart to grasp.

A single catch to keep it closed,
And hold such secrets deep within,
Hid from the world when fully clothed,
But seen by all when dressed in skin.

This treasured locket kept for years,
The love inside shown as a lie,
And though the truth has brought forth tears,
She’ll keep his image locked inside.

Hearts Truth

It’s been a while since I managed to create something new, but finally, my muse had helped me birth the following. I hope you like it.

A memory of a memory,
A ghost of faded ghost.
The missing truth of hidden love,
To which my heart plays host.

A fantasy in a fantasy,
A dream within a dream.
The painful truth of stolen love,
In heart no longer seen.

The mystery of a mystery,
The cause of such a cause.
A sudden truth of opened love,
That gives a heart to pause.

Such honesty in honesty,
A tale within a tale.
A welcome truth of new found love,
To which my heart sets sail.

DP : Fearful Symmetry

I wrote this in response to the Daily Prompt:
“Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.”
You can guess which letter I chose.

Wistful thoughts that fly away,

Where they go we cannot say,

Wishful thinking shades the morn,

Waiting where the love is born,

Why do hearts so heavy lie,

When a truth glints in the eye?

Who can say, it’s plain to see,

Woman I belong to thee.


It’s been a long time (or so it feels) since I posted something new, and at last inspiration has paid me a visit. This was written over a few hours here and there today, during quiet moments at work. I hope you like it.

While lost among the wond’ring drones,
A thousand miles away from home,
I spied a heart amongst the litter,
Scarred and bruised, coldly bitter.

It spoke to me with every beat,
In language old and sweetly cheap,
And though it’s skin was harshly battered,
Within my eyes ’twas all that mattered.

With gentle hands I rescued such,
And though ’twas warm did not weigh much,
Where were the pains that caused such anguish,
The hurts that caused this heart to languish?

I placed this heart in em’rald case,
Wrapped in cloth of ancient lace,
I then set out on trip returning,
Desire to find you hotly burning.

I found you there in friendly lands,
You took the case from giving hands,
“My darling you are sore mistaken,
This is not my heart cruelly taken”.

“My heart was lost when we first met,
And it is not recovered yet”,
So hand in hand I took you wand’ring,
The truth of love forever pondering.

Love You More

This was originally posted on ScottishMomus blog, but as I’ve not posted anything to my own recently, I thought I’d reappropriate it. I hope you like it.

Take me dear and lead me on
Through willows where you roam,
Along the paths of memory
With secrets all alone,
For if I am to love you more
These things I should be shown.

Take me dear with gentle hand
And show me where you go,
The secret places behind the dreams
Beneath the rivers flow,
For if I am to love you more
These things I need to know.

Take me dear along with you
Across the fields and loam,
Underneath the purple sky
With wishes richly sewn,
For if I am to love you more
Such flowers should be grown.

Take me dear with arm in arm
We’ll bask in summers glow,
To tell me stories of your past
In whispers sweet and low,
For if I am to love you more
Such truths they should be so

Take me dear, my trust is yours
This heart so made of stone,
For though its hard and tainted so
It’s willing to atone,
And if you are to love me dear
This heart is yours to own.