Lay Before You

The last I see, as I pay my due,
Lunar light, a kind of blue,
It casts a glow across your skin,
As I lay before you bleeding.

The last I hear, as I say goodbye,
Evening birds, they fly so high,
It drowns the words I want to say,
As I lay before you bleeding.

The last I feel, as I start to fade,
Coming cold, from dew it’s made,
It causes skin to start to cool,
As I lay before you bleeding.

The last I smell, as I lose my breath,
Perfume sweet, that stains your breast,
It calls to mind those happy days,
As I lay before you bleeding.

The last I taste, as I close my eyes,
Bitter words, in throat so dry,
The sorry left unspoken now,
As I lay before you bleeding.


Forgotten Once Again

Just like that, we were OK.
A single kiss was all it took,
To still the air, the walls that shook,
Such hatred in a single look,
Forgotten once again.

Just like that, we were alright.
A hand across the new divide,
To bride the gap, grown far too wide,
The painful thorn stuck in the side,
Forgotten once again.

Just like that, we were as one.
Forgiveness sought in just a word,
To make things right, seem less absurd,
Where tears had made the room seem blurred,
Forgotten once again.

Just like that, we were complete.
Love’s reminder softly heard,
To bring us back, and soothe the hurt,
Who caused the storm, who fired first,
Forgotten once again.


A friend of mine is going through a hard time. This come to me through that. Hope you like it

The headline news, you let me see
Behind the marriage door.
The life I thought was perfect,
Not perfect anymore.
A bond that painted to the world
Such envied loving bliss,
But since revealed as brave facade,
Made hollow by a kiss.
If your relationship can fail,
What hope for such as me?
I looked to you with jealous gaze,
And what my life could be.
But now you open up with pain,
And honestly reveal,
The scars of words said in the night,
Deep wounds that need to heal.
My darling friend, I’m here to help,
I’ve lived the life you see,
The call of doubt, the unsure love,
The unknown what might be.
Although right now, the dark is all
You see from night to day,
I promise you that things improve,
Please trust in what I say.


My output has slowed down of late – a combination of things has conspired to reduce my creativity and inspiration. This one came to me last night, finished today. It’s quite short, but it’s something new. I hope you like it.

With wine such lips are easy freed;
Such truths emerge in shadowed room,
Where guilt revealed ensures thy doom,
And lovers trust is gone too soon,
All for the sin of greed.

With wine thy actions show their cast;
To turn away when love is shown,
Dismissive queen upon her throne,
With crown of sadness thou shall own,
All joy is in the past.

With wine the scales fall from my eyes;
No more illusions holding sway,
All subterfuge is drawn away,
Now truth forever come what may,
No more to live with lies.


I have been struggling of late with inspiration, lots of ideas, nothing concrete. Someone I follow on twitter suggested I try the Whimword flash fiction site. So, this post is for the prompt word ‘Cave’. I hope you like it.

Turn thy face and hide thy eyes,
Be as a creature in a cave;

Take thy self from out the light,
For night in darkness all will save;

Keep thy self in bleak remove,
In silence stay as in a cave;

Fear will hold within thy breast,
Replacing that which made thee brave;

Live thy life in dark retreat,
Be long alone within thy cave;

Words now heard within my mind,
Enforced by pain she cruelly gave.

Never Again

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything and for that I apologise. My muse had taken another extended leave of absence, but she’s graced me with a fleeting visit this evening. I hope you like this one, and I will try and not leave it so long next time.

A drop of dark blood on the pillow again;
What secrets are kept and hidden
Behind the doors of the castles
Of men?

A bruise on the skin on her body again;
The colour of ink with yellow
Surround that stings as she straightens
And bends.

The hate in the words that are shouted again;
Such poison is heard and violence
Revealed when all that she wants is
A friend.

The snap of a bone as it echoes again;
A shocking report that shatters
The peace and once more to doctors
She’s sent.

He’ll not raise his hand to her ever again;
His body now laid out pinned with
A blade; she’ll never be beaten


Another mile gone, another mile without a word. It was my fault really, I once again let my temper flare when by now, I should have learned to bite my tongue.
I feel a little sympathy toward you, because while I have the act of driving to focus on, you have nothing but the passing world.
Staring out at cars with families, lorries and their loads, the lone travellers off to who knows where. Hearing the last salvos of our argument play round and round your head, dissecting and offering counter arguments to each point.
I have the mind emptying task of just focusing on the road, to drown out the “you said, I said” repetitiveness.

Arguments are always won in the mind, after the fact. But it’s the ones that are first spoken, then shouted, that make it harder, with each passing minute, to offer reconciliation. The point and counter point that plays out in the mind, “If I say this, he’ll say that”, which in the end leads to only more silence.
The lie we tell each other – “Oh I love your stubbornness, it’s why we get on so well” – is in fact a curse that can damage our relationship when it is at its most intransigent, and we both refuse to concede to the other.

It would take such a small movement to bridge the chasm of heavy silence in the car. A hand across to rest on a thigh, or to gently stroke the back of the head. That would be less effort even than just quietly saying “I’m sorry”. Instead, another mile ticks over, and another small slice is added to the growing pile of resentment. All the while, you stare out at the flowing road, while I drive.