Reblog : The Beekeeper Approaches

It’s been a few days since I had the time to write anything new, and so here’s another reblog. It’s different to my normal love / evil posts. I have no idea where the idea came from, but this is one of the ones I’m pleased with. And it’s got the word ‘twixt’ in it! Hope you like it.

The beekeeper approaches
in mind controlling all,
his bees in multitude did swarm
‘twixt hive and garden wall.
With smoke of scented poison
he caused a rushing swirl,
the bees in panic flew around
with tiny wings a-whirl.
Like blackened snow in blizzard struck
their bodies flew about,
the beekeeper in canvas suit
stood resolute and stout.
With angry buzz and wicked barb
defensively they flew,
but the beekeepers protective cloth
would not let stingers through.
What allegory could be struck
through images herein,
with beekeeper and honeyed hive
and swarming bees within?


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