I Name Thee

Wickedness, I name thee,
For all the pain you cause,
Not once did pity cross your mind,
Nor give you moments pause.

Cruelty, I name thee,
For all the spite revealed,
Giving air to words of hate,
To make me so to kneel.

Jealousy, I name thee,
My happiness you stole,
Forever stay me in the dark,
My misery your goal.

Murderer, I name thee,
You killed the soul of me,
Forever now I roam the world,
You couldn’t let me be.



A friend of mine is going through a hard time. This come to me through that. Hope you like it

The headline news, you let me see
Behind the marriage door.
The life I thought was perfect,
Not perfect anymore.
A bond that painted to the world
Such envied loving bliss,
But since revealed as brave facade,
Made hollow by a kiss.
If your relationship can fail,
What hope for such as me?
I looked to you with jealous gaze,
And what my life could be.
But now you open up with pain,
And honestly reveal,
The scars of words said in the night,
Deep wounds that need to heal.
My darling friend, I’m here to help,
I’ve lived the life you see,
The call of doubt, the unsure love,
The unknown what might be.
Although right now, the dark is all
You see from night to day,
I promise you that things improve,
Please trust in what I say.

I Walked For Miles

Well. I was sitting here wondering where my muse had disappeared to, when this one hit me of a sudden. I hope you like it.

I walked for miles, with cap in hand,
I walked for miles to you;
I walked for miles without a plan,
My soul with hope shot through.
I walked for miles to see you dear,
To lay down at your feet,
But you refused my loving gift,
With me you would not meet.

I ran for miles, my joy unbound,
I ran for miles to you;
I ran for miles ‘cross evil ground,
All feelings felt so true.
I ran for miles to see you dear,
To bask within your glow,
But you refused to hear my plea,
For why I do not know.

I crawled for miles, my heart held up,
I crawled for miles to you;
I crawled for miles’ pon hand and knee,
I’d see my journey through.
I crawled for miles to see you dear,
To beg for just your time,
But as you coldly turned away,
I slowly lost my mind.


It’s been a long time (or so it feels) since I posted something new, and at last inspiration has paid me a visit. This was written over a few hours here and there today, during quiet moments at work. I hope you like it.

While lost among the wond’ring drones,
A thousand miles away from home,
I spied a heart amongst the litter,
Scarred and bruised, coldly bitter.

It spoke to me with every beat,
In language old and sweetly cheap,
And though it’s skin was harshly battered,
Within my eyes ’twas all that mattered.

With gentle hands I rescued such,
And though ’twas warm did not weigh much,
Where were the pains that caused such anguish,
The hurts that caused this heart to languish?

I placed this heart in em’rald case,
Wrapped in cloth of ancient lace,
I then set out on trip returning,
Desire to find you hotly burning.

I found you there in friendly lands,
You took the case from giving hands,
“My darling you are sore mistaken,
This is not my heart cruelly taken”.

“My heart was lost when we first met,
And it is not recovered yet”,
So hand in hand I took you wand’ring,
The truth of love forever pondering.

For Five Years I Had Roses

I’ve had the title of this one in my mind for a long time. Just that one single line. I’ve finally managed to work it into a whole piece. I hope you like it.

Now comes the end of what we had,
Betrayal in every form,
Mistaking love for brutal lust,
Ignoring signs that warn;
This chapter of my storied life,
Regrets now as it closes,
But I will always fond recall,
For five years I had roses.

The words that hurt were said with glee,
Control in every thought,
Promising care and honour true,
Revealing all when caught;
I doubt myself and what I knew,
The questions that this poses,
But I will always tell myself,
For five years I had roses.

And now I must make strong my stand,
No more look back and mourn,
I’ve taken hits to heart and soul,
My inner beauty torn;
To once again turn to the light,
And love all it exposes,
But ’til the end I’ll always know,
For five years I had roses.

I Saw You Cry

This is another example of late night, tired, bad day, and letting the mind wander. I hope you like it.
(Note – I don’t like the last verse. If someone has an improvement, please let me know!)

I saw you cry,
Your tears as gold,
They fell to shadowed floor;
And though such sadness
Marred your eyes
Your beauty shone through more.

I saw you cry,
Such pain beheld,
‘pon countenance before;
What cruel and vicious
Act befell
This heart I so adore.

I saw you cry,
And with each breath
My heart did break anew;
Who is to blame for
Wicked barbs
That pierce the core of you.

I saw you cry,
And finally
I learned the truth of pain;
I swore to all the
Gods there are
You’d never hurt again.

I’d see you cry,
But these be tears
Of joy and love unbound;
No more will eyes of
Of yours my dear
Shed sadness to the ground.


A post that arrived late at night. I hope you like it.

I’d colour you green,
Such things that I’ve seen,
To cause me to jealously cry;
Such emerald light,
Even seen in the night,
To claim I’m not hurt is a lie.

I’d colour you blue,
For the things that you do,
It sends me to oceans dark deeps;
A sapphire hue,
It hurts through and through,
But the agony’s all mine to keep.

I’d colour you red,
Such anger that’s bled,
From the veins of my horrible heart;
A crimson reply,
To the tears that I cry,
At the fury of time spent apart.

All colours have gone,
Departed so long,
From the world where I spend all my time;
Such black and white days,
Forever hold sway,
But at least these two colours are mine.