Thanks To You

A follower of mine gently prompted me that they wanted to read something new of mine. So… This came from the sputtering fountain of my creativity. Hope you like it.

Come creep with me, on slippered feet,
Through halls of damaged heart;
See where my pain and sickly sin
Began, through lovers art.
We’ll pick the bones from weathered corpse,
And flay the damaged soul;
This worthless man without a tale,
A story left untold.

These doors within will open wide,
Allow you sweet ingress;
Never once would I believe
I’d welcome such a guest.
Come gather round revealing flame,
And see the sights within;
Select the mem’ry, play it out,
You’ll see where hate begins.

Though cold and dark my inner self,
I trust in your belief;
That deep within my damaged heart,
You’ll wake a sweet relief.
No more the hate, no more than pain,
My mem’ries sweeter hued;
The light of hope, a change within,
I give all thanks to you.


Come With Me

One of those pieces that just fell out of me, hurriedly written and posted. Hope you like it.

Come with me
My precious one,
We’ll journey where the dreams
To drink the wine of summers past
From fragile jade and golden glass,
We’ll build a future set to last,
My darling precious one.

Come with me
My truest one,
We’ll take the road no others
We’ll hear the words the poets write
That paint the page with pictures bright,
We’ll make a world in heavens sight,
My darling truest one.

Come with me
My loving one,
We’ll leave behind all sin that’s
We’ll take once more this chance on trust
The very stars will envy us,
A sweetest romance born of lust,
My darling loving one.


It’s been a little while, but here’s a new one. Just some random images that coalesced into the following piece. I hope you like it.

Slip the rope from the moorings
Cast off on hollow sea,
A dream of love and
Peaceful days are not
For you and me.

Point the bow at the horizon
Set sail toward the east,
We’ll leave the shore and
Make our way among
The floating freaks.

The waves will test our stomach
Our courage for the fight,
We’ll lose our way and
May not see the coming
Of the light.

Approaching storm on the horizon
The dark and rolling clouds,
Obscure the moon and
Hide the stars beneath
A shadowed shroud.

But once the sea has been becalmed
The winds have dropped away,
We may blessed with
Weather fair and see
A brighter day.

Holding On

Another quick one for you all – spilled out of me like an overfull saucer holding a slow burning candle…

Holding on
For the back of tomorrow
The day where things are sweet.
Holding on
For the end of the darkness
The light of love and heat.
Holding on
For the wish of the sleeping
The dreams of peace replete.
Holding on
For the passing of sorrow
Where joy and I may meet.
Holding on
For the stars everlasting
Where in the dark they greet.
Holding on
For the future that’s coming
To make my life complete.

A Bar With Me And You

Bit of a ‘stream-of-conciousness’ poem, this one. Flowed out of me (such an image) this evening. Feel free to let me know what you think.

We met upon a moon-shy night,
The future so unsure;
We counted steps upon the road,
To basement bars front door.
The first response of eyes so met,
A shiver balls to bone;
We couldn’t know from this night on,
If we’d ever be alone.
We talked until the wine ran out,
But the bar refused us more;
And as the rain remained afloat,
We danced out through the door.
Not dwelling on the falling drops,
Nor chilling winter breeze;
We knew that life so seldom gave,
Such moments sweet as these.
As the moon bid sky farewell,
We talked and laughed and kissed;
And every star that faded so,
Beared witness to out tryst.
Who could have guessed a simple call,
Could lead to such a place;
A chance encounter engineered,
And granted with such grace.
The start of something sweetly pure,
A life of different views;
All started with rain soaked drink,
In a bar with me and you.

My Hope, My Goal

This is another piece that I threw down onto the screen without censoring. Not sure what I make of it. You be the judge.

By broken trees
Where lightening struck,
You held my hand and wished
Me luck.
To brave the world
With stolen soul,
My strength not failing
Sure to hold.
To not look back
But face the day,
What more could man
Hope to relay.
And in the gloaming
Shadows drawn,
My swelling heart
Reveals it’s brawn.
For you my power
Will reveal,
And pain so felt
Will swift to heal.
And nought will trouble
Mind or soul,
As life worth living
Is my goal.

Generous Heart

OK, so my muse made a fleeting visit last night, but goodness me, is anyone else sick of the love poems?! My mind keeps throwing them out, and as nice as they are, I really want a change in my internal universe. I want abstract, flights of fancy, real world, anything really… apart from maybe the dark stuff, that worries a certain someone. Anyway… hope you like this one. I may be a bit bored of the love poems, but the sentiment behind this one is a true one. Enjoy it.
Much love,


Turning once more
into something I’m not,
bidding farewell
to the man time forgot.

Stood at the edge
of this maddening world,
the stars scattered ‘fore me
like diamonds so hurled.

This feeling of change
sweeping all doubts away,
believing in nothing
no longer holds sway.

I’ve come through the night
with my essence intact,
my soul only tarnished
not stained oily black.

A smile unfamiliar
appears on my face,
a scowl at the world
no longer in place.

Who thought years ago
that this man would be healed,
under this darkness
a light so revealed.

The reason for changes,
this fresh and new start,
is love ever blessing
from your generous heart.