Reblog : All Hallows’ Eve

Well, as promised when I originally posted this poem, here it is reblogged in honour of today. I will admit to not being a big fan of Halloween, but that’s not to say I don’t understand what kids see in it. I hope you like (re)reading this piece, and happy Halloween to all who celebrate it.

In collusion with these spirits,
Dark deeds are thought and done,
While wicked dreams a-plenty,
Will take free reign and run.
Amongst the whispering branches,
The wolves will chase the moon,
And in the ears of children,
The devil plays his tune.
Stars will turn in pity,
And screams will fill the air,
As horrors from the blackness,
Stand strong with evil glare.
The chill from open caskets,
The stench of rotting bones,
Will once again be welcome,
In victims hearths and homes.
For in the grip of Autumn,
When Summer’s warmth has died,
The twisted and the tortured,
Will own the world outside.
And those who be most foolish,
Caught abroad when day is done,
Would best be on their metal,
Be ready with a run.
This night is seen in glory,
To the wicked and the wild,
And terror is the watchword,
Among the the meek and mild.
So be not calm and trusting,
And do not be naive,
Unless you learn the horror true,
Of this All Hallow’s Eve.


2 Responses to Reblog : All Hallows’ Eve

  1. Chillingly good.

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