Born To Hang

Another throwaway one for you all. The first two lines came to me on my walk home from work this evening and the rest came from there. Hope you like it, throwaway or not.

Born to hang
Or a legend be
The man with the glint
Of a thousand fires
In eyes that hold hard cruelty.

Born to hang
Or a saint to be
The man with a grin
Like a shark on the prowl
Patrolling the depths of the sea.

Born to hang
Or a lover to be
The man with a word
That can turn heart to stone
And cause men of power to flee.

Born to hang
Or a hero to be
The man with a voice
That oozes like oil
Filled with lies and dull misery.

Born to hang
From a dead rotten tree
A saint nor a hero
No legend to live
Nor saving redemption for me.


7 Responses to Born To Hang

  1. Being freaked out everywhere here on WP. Another fine job for the eve of all Hallow’s.
    I’ll be glad when it’s over!

  2. Something in the air around,
    Vampires, ghouls and ghosts abound,
    Freaking out the likes of me,
    Hallowe’en and hanging trees.
    Mine are dreams of witches fair,
    Floating, speeding through the air,
    Casting spells quite innocent…
    …hmm, maybe I should curse and venom vent,
    Boil a cauldron at this hour
    Add some limbs and potent power.
    Jeez, it’s catching! What have you done?
    Evil deeds and thoughts are fun!

    Sorry! Hope that you don’t mind,
    I’m rhyming everything I find.
    It’s magic, just like spells all cast.
    Feck, I hope it doesn’t last! 😉

  3. Hmm, I’ll be publishing my shopping list next if I don’t pack it in. What rhymes with potatoes? 😉

  4. Ace! I knew you’d know. If one comes out of this I’ll give you credit. Or a plate of mince and tatties. 🙂

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