Once More

I am really not sure about this one. The whole ‘Once more…’ repeating motif. I read it and it seems to work, but I’m not the best judge of this stuff. Anyway… I hope you like it. Thank you for reading.

Once more down dark and twisting roads,
Once more among the black,
Once more into the nightly fray,
Once more no looking back;

Once more my safety in my hands,
Once more a fear of death,
Once more the swiftly beating heart,
Once more a lack of breath;

Once more the light retreats from me,
Once more the darkness grows,
Once more my voice screams in the night,
Once more no other knows;

Once more my nightmares come for me,
Once more my terror wins,
Once more so lost inside the night,
Once more my fear has wings;

Once more the never ending sleep,
Once more a world in mind,
Once more I fear to never wake,
Once more forever blind;

Once more I wake in early hour,
Once more I’m left to be,
But soon the night returns again,
Once more to torture me.



It’s amazing what can pass through your mind in the quiet minutes just after dawn. This one came to me this morning. Hope you like it.

The beat of footsteps
Echo loud
On floor of weathered wood.
You’d hide away
And not be seen
If only that you could.
But even breath
Exhaled in fear
Is heard by clever ears
And though you cower
In the dark
He knows when he is near.
A shadow long
Precedes his step
And in it darkness blooms
The fear you feel at
Slow approach
Is caused by coming doom.
As closer now his
Hollow tread
In time with thumping heart
Creeps ever near to
Where you wait
For terror soon to start.
No more a dream in
Which you’re lost
Reality comes calling
You close your eyes
And hope to stop
The night from slowly falling.
His first cold touch
Of hand on skin
You know now fate is sealed
And as you look
Into his face
Your evil is revealed.


A strange little piece this one, not sure where the imagery comes from but it was quite a vivid picture in my mind. Hope you like it.

A crawling beastie
Cruel and keen
Creeps among the
Darkly dreams
And where it passes
Slow and soft
It brings a shivered

O twisted demon
Cold and black
Remove thy stare
From off my back
And take thyself to
Diff’rent lands
Where winds in voice are

A bristled creature
Hard and sick
With eyes of fire
And muscles thick
Hides within the
Thickened shades
Where nightmares dark are

O cackling gremlin
Wicked sin
Chase no more from
Worlds within
For unknown terrors
Summoned forth
Will paint my days with

Dark Abyss

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new, and this evening this rather dark and strange one came to me. I hope you like it.

To stare, with such unknowing eye,
In to the dark abyss,
What madness cold that grips the heart
Could dwell in place as this.
A watchful presence deep within,
It knows all thoughts possessed,
And without warning, creeping on,
A man becomes obsessed.
With nought but echoes ringing back,
No sound is ever new,
The whispered voices of the damned
Cause terror through and through.
The very thought of letting go
And swimming in the black,
Will hold a strange attractiveness
Of never looking back.
Beware the ease of which the pit
Will summon crawling dread,
And heed the call of those below,
The wicked and the dead.
They gave their soul to join the dark,
And fled from saving light,
In to the black and cold abyss
The kingdom of the night.

Reblog : Courted By Terror

As I’m struggling a little bit with inspiration, I thought I’d show those of you who have not seen much of my writing how a collaboration can work. This piece was written in collaboration with the exceedingly talented ScottishMomus. If anyone is tempted to try a collaboration themselves, and they’ve never done it before, drop me an email using the ‘Something to say’ link to the right, and we’ll see what we can do. I hope you like reading this one as much as I liked writing it..

Eyes open wide, I lie quite still
In nightmare’s frozen grasp
While chilling hands reach out to me.
In silence, I scream and gasp.

This latest victim gripped by fear
In night, my precious friend,
With stealth I move, ever close
Another soul to tend.

Paralysed hold has made me bold,
My insides start to quiver,
Limbs cannot move to aid or flee
But tremors, inside, shiver.

I sense her terror, intoxicating
A drug that spurs me on,
Her beating heart and panting breath
To me a sirens song.

Only wakened eyes can see the one
And terror courts my soul,
While human manifested lust
Envelops body whole.

Revealed to her in gloried form
Such fear so swift engendered,
Dark desires so physical
Soon powerfully rendered.

The fear, such fear, does haunt me still,
Suppressed as best I can.
This darkened lover in the night
Had not the face of man.

These glowing eyes of hellish depths
Of fire and ice in fusion,
Drink in her form so prostrated
From a face not one bit human.

At shudders end, I claimed my body
But sat up staring wide
Who had penetrated me, untouched,
But felt so deep inside?

Withdrawn from deed so darkly done
My presence deep within,
No touch of flesh so needed
To grant an inner sin.

I looked to see in mirror’s frame
And laughter I heard there,
A distant sense of eyes beheld,
Reaching from some lair.

I watch reaction from afar
As she stares at her reflection,
My wicked mirth I cannot hide
At our newly formed connection.

Molested by the darkest night
And darkest soul of all.
Orgasmic pleasure be subdued,
Temptation from the fall.

The Man Afraid Of Stairs

Faithful readers…
The refrain “The man afraid of stairs” has been going round my head for weeks. This finally, after a long and painful labour, is what’s resulted from it. I’m not entirely happy, and I may revisit the man himself, but for now it feels good to get something down. I hope you like it.

Through the town where monsters sleep,
She leads me on a dare;
To darkened tower high above,
And the man afraid of stairs.

He lives above the maddening crowd,
In cloud touched minaret;
Where visitors of daring do,
Could say they are well met.

With fear of steps he will not roam,
Remaining in his lair;
What life is there upon the ground,
For the man afraid of stairs?

To travel round the winding walls,
Arriving at his door;
The sound of moaning from within,
Fists beating on the floor.

She calls allowed through painted wood,
“Poor wretch, are you in there?”
But not a sound is heard within,
From the man afraid of stairs.

With caring voice she asks of him,
“What caused your fear to run?”
Though satisfaction we both craved,
An answer there was none.

And so she led me by the hand,
Bored now with her dare;
We’d never learn the story of,
The man afraid of stairs.

Born On A Dark Night

Born on a wild night
Wicked and black
I appear in your mirror
Just as you turn your back.

Eyes that transfix
As you cry burning tears
Staring too long
Reveals deepest held fears.

The shadow that passes
The sound in the night
The breath on your pillow
To cause nightmares in flight.

From what darkened hollow
Does this creature appear
When the moon is in waning
And the sky pure and clear.

What horror awaits
When you’re left all alone
And the king of your terror
Appears on his throne.

So sleep with a light on
And fear the dark night
For I will be watching
Until dawns saving light.