Strange Fruit

What hangest there, ‘midst corpses cold?
Strange fruit ‘pon trees of bone, so old.
A taste of poisoned flesh, tho’ spoiled,
The nectar from within like oil.
Amongst the unnamed tombs, so bare,
Strange fruit, so pregnant hanging there.
Dark shadows cast, bone orchard limbs,
As fingers pointing out thy sins.
To tread amongst the ghostly trees,
Strange fruit is seen where once were leaves.
What rotting bodies roots do find?
That pry and search, the earth to grind.
Where bodies buried, crying done,
Strange fruit will ripe, despite the sun,
And when we come, and lay to rest,
What birds will fly to make their nest?
And so whilst moon does show its shine,
Strange fruit will blossom, over time.
Where dead do lay, for years and years,
I’ll water roots, with all my tears.


This howling melody, from deep
Within the soul,
Calling out to madness, insanity
The goal.
An orchestra of voices,
A symphony of noise,
All for want of peaceful rest, the darkness of a hole.

The sharp cacophony, from down
Within the depths,
Pleading with the sadness, psychosis
Before death.
A performance of screaming,
An orgy of the damned,
All for want of silent sleep, the pleasure of sweet rest.

A deafening onslaught, from where
The heart resides,
Crying and so hopeless, no freedom
From inside,
The cold unending whirlwind,
A litany of hate,
All for want of dreamless night, and so from madness hide.

Who Do You See? 

Who do you see,
When you lay next to him?
The one that you’re with, but don’t
Wish to be?
Or dare I imagine, you’re gazing at me?

Who do you see,
When you look up at him?
The one in your bed, though he
Shouldn’t be?
Or dare I to dream, you’re moving with me?

Who do you see,
When you make love to him?
The face of the man, who you know
Shouldn’t stay?
Or can I pretend, it will be me, one day?

I’d Light All The Fires For You

I’d light all the fires for you;
And burn from the world, all the untruths
That stain and infect the deep soul of you,
Cleansing with heat the poison within,
I’d light all the fires for you.

I’d light all the fires for you;
Such light burning bright, dark nevermore
Stars in their heaven forget what they’re for,
A burning not seen since world did begin,
I’d light all the fires for you.

I’d light all the fires for you;
A sky full of flames, to wipe out the land
Destroying it all with a wave of my hand,
You’ll see all the power I have deep within,
I’d light all the fires for you.

I Name Thee

Wickedness, I name thee,
For all the pain you cause,
Not once did pity cross your mind,
Nor give you moments pause.

Cruelty, I name thee,
For all the spite revealed,
Giving air to words of hate,
To make me so to kneel.

Jealousy, I name thee,
My happiness you stole,
Forever stay me in the dark,
My misery your goal.

Murderer, I name thee,
You killed the soul of me,
Forever now I roam the world,
You couldn’t let me be.


All at once, a life extinguished,
Dark the deed by one who can’t
Distinguish between good or ill,
And through the night forever
Will be seen among the shadows deep,
To trawl through all our waking
Sleep and bring to light such evil scenes,
And tracks our footsteps where we’ve
Been with lovers old & friends brand new
And maybe soon he’ll come see

Evil Is As Evil Does

A callous act, a guilt returned,
To punish those for what was spurned.
So swift to hurt, not one regret,
And with a cruelty not seen yet.

Evil is, as evil does,
Even Satan was once above.

A wicked sin, a cold regard,
And thinking all are on their guard,
A blinding light, though dark revealed,
While all at once a fate so sealed.

Evil is, as evil does,
Even Satan was once above.

A legend writ, and oft foretold,
With ink of blood in pages old,
In hist’ry’s book, to all allayed,
There seen dark warnings so displayed.

Evil is, as evil does,
Even Satan was once above.