And so she took my hand and said,
“Come take to the air with me,
Why rest your head, and stay in bed,
When we could fly and be free?”
But with a sigh, I don’t know why,
I turned and spurned her plea,
“Flying in the morning light,
Is not for likes of me”.

So then she shook my arm and said,
“Come travel the roads with me,
We’ll see the fields, the farmers yield,
And see what creatures see.”
But with a scowl, a surly growl,
I hid beneath the sheets,
“It’s far too far to walk the roads,
And who knows who’d we meet?”

So then she kissed my head and said,
“Come take to the sea with me,
We’ll see the ships, the waves that whip,
The dolphins in their glee.”
But with a moan, to be alone,
I bid her let me rest,
“Such cold and wet and fright’ning yet,
We’d be swept out to the west.”

And so she bid farewell to me,
And travelled near and far,
I often think aloud and say,
“I wonder where you are?
Upon the sea, on hidden roads,
Or up above the clouds?”
But all is said with sweet regret,
I wish I’d travelled now. 


Instant High

Faithful readers,
A follower of mine wanted to post a poem. However, they felt it too personal, and too revealing, for their own blog so asked if they may use mine as a platform for their, frankly brilliant, words.
Please have a read of this one, and as you normally do, give all your support and encouragement. Any comments you care to leave I will pass onto the author. Please note, this is not MY piece, but all copyright statements etc. still stand. (Sorry to be a bit serious, but, you know, plagiarism isn’t cool). Thank you.

Instant high
Then an Instant down
The biggest grin
Then the anxious frown
An emotion that no one can take away
But the person who started it and gave it away
The pumping of blood, that instant hit
It’s incredible, the power in a few words, the heart is lit.
The electricity sent out, the ecstasy within
A rare connection between me and him.
But all of a sudden that link explodes into two
When there’s another nearby, not just him and you.
The shock waves reverberate from the mind to the soul
The reality bites back sending you back to the hole
Of anxiety and fear, of the love switching to another
So hard to not think about them, so hard to recover.
The evening goes by, the imagination expands
Is it her heart now in his hand?
Our little ways, our own memories we make
Are they creating better ones? Will ours smash and break?
The love they make, the moments they share
Showing each other in different ways they care
A kiss on the lips, a hug as they meet
Linking arms as they walk like a couple down the street
A stroke of her hair, a joke in his ear
A private moment no one can hear
But just the two of them in their own little bubble
In a booth now sharing a kiss and a cuddle.
The evening draws near to the end, now it’s night
They share more drinks whilst I’m falling from a great height
Imagining the content of the conversation going on
I’m gradually losing, knowing she’s won.
The night has ended, where do they go now?
Back to hers, what will she allow?
Lying naked together the passion has ignited
I feel like throwing up, I feel so frightened.
He’s lost deep inside her, forgotten about me
He’s looking deeply into her eyes,
What does he see?
A beautiful soul, an amazing creature
Sitting on top of him with her heavenly features
Slim, young and ripe, so perfect, so magic
She’s worth giving me up, this ending is so tragic
But inevitable as I’ve always predicted
How your love for me has now obviously shifted
To a good person who will make you happy and free
Of the guilt laid upon you when you were with me
And the fear and anxiety of me leaving you
Has now disappeared, and the memories will fade too.
Your life shall continue, more time you spend together
You and her, perhaps together forever?
Me and you?
It was always a never.


These words kind of fell out of me tonight. The very first sentence was what triggered it, and as happens a lot, the rest just… Flowed. I hope you like it.

If I listened to the wine,
I’d pick up the phone,
Your voice would be soothing
To hear.
But that way lies sorrow
And things for tomorrow
So for now I’ll just sit
And cry here.

If I trusted the music,
I’d think love was real,
And not a cruel promise
That broke.
And the pain that did follow
With a heart made so hollow
Would not echo with words
Never spoke.

If the clocks could run backwards,
I’d start all anew,
Not make the mistakes that
Were made.
I’d inhale and I’d swallow
All my plans of tomorrow
For no future is too bright
To fade.

For Five Years I Had Roses

I’ve had the title of this one in my mind for a long time. Just that one single line. I’ve finally managed to work it into a whole piece. I hope you like it.

Now comes the end of what we had,
Betrayal in every form,
Mistaking love for brutal lust,
Ignoring signs that warn;
This chapter of my storied life,
Regrets now as it closes,
But I will always fond recall,
For five years I had roses.

The words that hurt were said with glee,
Control in every thought,
Promising care and honour true,
Revealing all when caught;
I doubt myself and what I knew,
The questions that this poses,
But I will always tell myself,
For five years I had roses.

And now I must make strong my stand,
No more look back and mourn,
I’ve taken hits to heart and soul,
My inner beauty torn;
To once again turn to the light,
And love all it exposes,
But ’til the end I’ll always know,
For five years I had roses.


This is yet another piece that went on its own path from my mind to the keyboard. Poor, sweet Polly-Anne…what did she do to deserve such a fate?
I have no idea. But please, think of her fondly, and I hope you like my tale of her.

She’s never alone, sweet Polly-Anne,
The voice in her head never leaves;
Accusing and cruel,
With a cast iron rule,
A presence in mind,
That’s not often kind,
It colours the life that she leads.

She dances alone, does Polly-Anne,
To music that only she hears;
The strings of a harp,
That pluck at her heart,
The beat of a drum,
That makes her bones hum,
The voice of the crowd always cheers.

She’s wanted by all, dear Polly-Anne,
But no one will ever get close;
She passes like spring,
Or a bird on the wing,
Not staying too long,
Like summer she’s gone,
But in winter I miss her most.

No longer with us, poor Polly-Anne,
Too gentle for world such as this;
She swallowed her fill,
From one box of pills,
And went to her rest,
No beat in her chest,
I bid her goodbye with a kiss.

The Promise Broke

Faithful readers…
I was lying half asleep this morning, thinking I had not written anything original for a while and I did not feel the touch of my muse at all. And then, arriving at my desk at work in an empty office, these words flowed through me and… well, here we are. A new piece. I hope you like it.

With half a kiss the promise broke
And that so built was shaken,
In eyes of grey a love was seen
But lo, I was mistaken,
Where once a gift of sweetness lay
Too soon was cruelly taken.

The want of warmth in winters cold
A cooling breath in summer,
The joy of laughter in the spring
And lust in autumns thunder,
This and more I hoped to find
In this sweet face of wonder.

But in one moment world was turned
And that so precious broken,
To wish away this history’s curse
Take back those words so spoken,
To win again this lovers heart
With some small treasured token.

Bereft to stay in sleepless night
While all alone I ponder,
Why did the tenderness so fade
Where did the passion wander,
How could I take these gifts of light
How could I quickly squander.

Forgive me please my precious love
I know not what I’m doing,
I did not see the patterns change
Did not spot trouble brewing,
Know that in this world of hurt
You’re all that’s worth pursuing.

Dreams Of You

Full disclosure – I’ve never read the original Lewis Carroll books, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, and Alice Through The Looking Glass. I recently bought them to rectify that situation. First of all, I was unaware of Lewis Carroll’s history and life – some of it quite eye-opening. Secondly, there is a style of poetry in there I really like – and yes, you can see that influence in this one. (The opening lines are inspired from a black & white photo I saw of the Paris floods in 1910). Still, I do hope you all like it.

A river black with books about
Words scattered far and near,
Flung about as autumn leaves
By wind so harsh and sheer,
What pain to see such pages lost
As dreams of you my dear.

A snowy plain so bright and cold
Made white from clouds above,
Deep in drifts of frozen rain
As pure as feathered doves,
Will still be sure to melt and fade
As dreams of you my love.

A forest old and full of trees
So ancient standing tall,
The canopy a sky of green
As natures treasured hall,
Before too long must fall and die
As dreams of you my all.

A universe of stars aglow
As heavens painted art,
Such timelessness in purple space
With planets far apart,
Will still one day be formed in dust
As dreams of you my heart.

A fire once did burn and rage
With passion hot and clear,
And in it’s warmth my soul did glow
With nought that felt as fear,
But ashes now are all about
As dreams of you my dear.