Another one that came from some unknown source, somewhere deep and dark and down inside me somewhere. I hope you like it.

The bar was dark, the beer misplaced,
The wooden floor a mess,
He sat beside me with a sigh
And started to confess.

His eyes alone spoke from an age,
Where chivalry was dead,
And as his tale was slowly told
His pictures filled my head.

“I wasn’t always such a wreck,
I once commanded kings,
I was the reason and the cause,
The song that power sings.”

I looked across and in his eyes,
I watched his anger grow,
The history he brought to light
Was filled with sickly glow.

“It didn’t take a lot of change,
A single deed in fact,
And all at once the world was blown
For one uncommon act.”

“A tiny slip of shaking hand,
The movement of a finger,
And nevermore will breath be drawn
No more a life to linger.”

I got a sense of who he was, his past and gone profession,
The bodies he had seen laid out,
In some bizarre procession.

His voice was dark, the words were clear
The story full of turns,
I had a sense of why he was
And why injustice burns.

“One mistake was all it took, and now I drink in shadows,
Now I slowly kill myself,
With booze constructed gallows.”

This fallen man, this faded son,
Who’s life had been so shattered,
Could only blame the kiss of chance
The fickle breeze that scatters.

I sat and listened to his tale,
But did not offer comment,
Because I knew from my own past
Life changes in a moment.