A friend on mine has a three year old son. He had recently been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. This, obviously, is terribly sad news.
He asked me if I wouldn’t mind trying to write a poem for him. Not as a eulogy, but as a call to arms, or a song of hope and of not giving up. I was honoured to do so. This is what I came up with. I hesitated to share it, but then I thought… Why not? I hope you like it. And I hope you all send your best wishes,  in your own ways, to my son’s friend. Thank you.

Such courage seen in
Frame so small, 
Against the dark 
We will not fall. 
Not bent nor bowed
‘neath coming fight, 
We rail against 
Encroaching night.

With love our shield, 
As hope abounds, 
We’ll form as one and 
Stand our ground. 
With help of friends
Both far and near, 
We’ll not give up, 
Succumb to fear.

Our shining star, 
Our precious George, 
With inner fire a 
Strength is forged. 
With your support
Our constant love, 
He’ll beat this thing 
And rise above.

So come together, 
Be strong of heart, 
With all we learn, 
We’ll light the dark. 
There will be hope for 
Those to come, 
We will not stop
’til fight is won.



You can probably tell, this one was written more with the idea of “get something out there” than anything else. I’m kind of trying to ‘prime the pump’ – if I write something, maybe more will flow? Anyway, I hope you like this one, although truth be told it’s not my best. Thank you for reading.

’tis not for naught I rail against
The oft’ cruel dark and wicked
World, for single voice with firm resolve
Can bring the light abroad;

With strength of will I stand opposed
To every arrow fate can
Send, not bowing to the storm that tests
Nor wind with anger roars;

If not my damaged soul repents
And begs for one redeeming
Chance, what further hope could any have
Amongst the damned and flawed;

So with a shout I lift my voice
And call to arms my fellow
Man, we join as one against the dark
And bring the light abroad.


It seems being in a music studio while my son records another track is conducive to my own creative process. I wrote this today. Hope you like it.

Faded now, this strength of man,
As dying light at evening,
Where once an anger
Fired the blood,
No more a temper seething.

Songs I’ve sung, the bows I took,
Applause for all my suff’ring,
I raged against the
Powers that be,
Took solice in my blustering.

Laws I fought, I made my name
With words of promised glory,
I always had the
Time to weave
One more embittered story.

Now the shade, with final fall,
Brings down a closing curtain,
A stand against an
Unfair world
No more my heavy burden.

Autumn’s draw, as summer ends,
Now winters cold approaches,
This age of man comes
To a close,
The dark it now encroaches.

To Rise

Faithful readers…
This is another case of a slightly mis-firing muse. I had the urge to write and post, and this is what came from the wanderings within my imagination. I’m not sure if it’s quite hit the target or not, but I do hope you can see some merit in it. Thank you, once again, for reading.

To rise;
And so sore above these lowering clouds,
Where such air, O! Such air!
Would grant this soul the view to
See all that may be changed.
For ‘neath this covering of grey,
What chance would I have to see clearly
These changes I may make?

To rise;
And so emerge from these blackened deeps,
Where such breath, O! Such breath!
Could be drawn and then used to
Shout this desire for change.
For ‘neath this ocean so dark,
What chance would I have to breath freely
Theses changes for to shout?

To rise;
And so awake from these unkind dreams,
Where such days, O! Such days!
Could be seized upon and used to
Forge this need for change.
For ‘neath this blanket of sleep,
What chance would I have to face the world
Such changes to then make?

To rise;
And above such dreary day to shine,
Where such light, O! Such Light!
Would be so cast and glow upon
These changes I can make.
For ‘neath this shy and weakened shell,
There is the strength to take a hold
And change all that may be changed.

The Word Of Love

So small a word, so letters few,
Such impact has this term,
A whispered breath can deliver so,
A word the earth to turn.
A symphony in single phrase
An orchestra of sound,
Yet many people small of heart
Just throw this word around.
Some to appease, some to convince,
Some others to astound,
But just a few, with purity,
Know the power of this sound.
It has the strength to reinforce
The will to lift you high,
It gives the weak a weapon hard
A castle in the sky.
But I alone know this in truth,
And swear to Gods above,
I sing and shout this word for you,
The glory, the word of love.


With words I’ll fight and stand
My ground,
Despite your arms that crash
And pound.
My language strong can calm
Your rage,
Will shatter walls and bend
This cage.
My powered speech will cry
Out loud,
While in your armour you
Stand proud.
But iron skin cannot
Hold strong,
For with my words I right
All wrongs.
There is no power, fire
Or force,
To stand the tide of
Words endorsed.
And though behind your shield
You stand,
My verbs and nouns destroy
Your plans.
So build your walls,
Defences high,
My words have power to breach
The sky.
No matter what you build
So bold,
My words are tireless
Ages old.
For throughout time and all
The worlds,
There’s nothing stronger than
My words.

My Hope, My Goal

This is another piece that I threw down onto the screen without censoring. Not sure what I make of it. You be the judge.

By broken trees
Where lightening struck,
You held my hand and wished
Me luck.
To brave the world
With stolen soul,
My strength not failing
Sure to hold.
To not look back
But face the day,
What more could man
Hope to relay.
And in the gloaming
Shadows drawn,
My swelling heart
Reveals it’s brawn.
For you my power
Will reveal,
And pain so felt
Will swift to heal.
And nought will trouble
Mind or soul,
As life worth living
Is my goal.