Snapshot 6

And we sat, with the machines beeping and the rain falling against reenforced glass.
You always liked stories. We would spend our pillow talk on make-believe, not wishing to analyse the events of the day, only wanting to share our duvet cocoon with peace and love.
So as the weather outside reflected my mood, I told you a story. One last story.
About a man who was rescued, although he didn’t realise he needed rescuing. About a man who was blessed, although he was not religious. About a man who was rewarded for years of bad luck, with a lifetime of good luck in one perfectly formed package.

As I watched your eyes, unmoving behind closed eye lids, I wondered what you were thinking. What you were seeing, with your minds eye. Did my words get through? Did they reach you?
I wanted you to hear me, I wanted my words to form a bubble, a perfect little world in which my story lived.

To me, that’s what stories are – worlds enclosed in a membrane that, at the merest touch, will pop and free the story from within.

I don’t want my last image of you to be of you there, in that bed, body broken and sick. I want my last image of you to be this:
You, stood with your arms wide, head thrown back, laughing at the hundreds of bubbles that float around you, conjured with my stories. Reflecting the last of a dying sun on their glistening surface, dancing and moving with your breath. And with each touch of your finger, a bubble bursts, and gifts to you a story that I have made. That’s how I want to remember you.


Beauty By The River

Soft amber sun
colours river in gold,
as we sit on the bank
and share stories old.

Tales of romance
and love unrequited,
secrets betrayed and
hearts sharply blighted.

Luxuriate warmly
in summers last glow,
idly trail fingers
within rivers flow.

Telling me secrets
of crushes and lust,
of passion expended
and falsehoods unjust.

Blossoming nature
a gift to our eyes,
the two of us sharing
this beautiful prize.

To stay here forever
with you in this place,
of cool river flowing
and sunlights embrace.

Nothing more needed
than this time with you,
just sunlight and river
and your beauty true.