DP : Ready, Set, Done – A Poem

This was written for the todays Daily Prompt : “Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.”.
It was a complete stream-of-consciousness poem, I have no idea where the images came from. And yes I wrote for ten minutes… (ok, give or take 15 seconds!). Hope you like it.

A passing chance, as a passing dream
Not caught within this yearning grasp.
A view of beauty never seen,
Nor reflected so in mirrored glass.
The river flows with golden light
As life will flow and drift apart,
And within deeps and dark as night
You’ll find my poor and drowning heart.
Such waves of tears, such swell of woe
A tidal pull of unkind loss,
But as the bitter river flows
All treasured thoughts are coldly tossed.
To take a pause and ponder so
The nature of this torrent cruel,
I’ll take my chance where current flows
And ever be the rivers fool.


Silver River

The black and white banks
Of the river that flows
Past buildings neglected
And lit by moons glow.

The silver light burning
From lunar’s harsh burn
Casts shades of dark pitch
In which lovers are spurned.

Down moonlit cold paths
Where the dreamers may roam
Could be seen kindred spirits
Who just want to atone.

A chill from the water
Seeps slowly within
While the moon in its heaven
Shows wanderers sin.

Come walk with me angel
And see the dark sights
We’ll ponder the dreams
Painted by the moonlight.

Heaven By A River

To pause soft

by gentle flowing


with naught but

your perfect smiling


Would to me be

sweetly granted


Beauty By The River

Soft amber sun
colours river in gold,
as we sit on the bank
and share stories old.

Tales of romance
and love unrequited,
secrets betrayed and
hearts sharply blighted.

Luxuriate warmly
in summers last glow,
idly trail fingers
within rivers flow.

Telling me secrets
of crushes and lust,
of passion expended
and falsehoods unjust.

Blossoming nature
a gift to our eyes,
the two of us sharing
this beautiful prize.

To stay here forever
with you in this place,
of cool river flowing
and sunlights embrace.

Nothing more needed
than this time with you,
just sunlight and river
and your beauty true.