DP : Sleep

I wrote this a while ago, but I wanted to re-post it to take part in the Daily Prompt : “Sleep is one-third of our lives: write a post about it. Do you love naps? Have trouble falling alseep? Wish you could remember your dreams? Remember something especially vivid? Snuggle under a blanket, or throw the windows wide open? Meditate on sleep.”

Once more, ‘pon keeper
Of my darkest dreams do
I lay my head;
O! What screaming
Horror may fly to me
On darkly shaded wings?
’tis not for me the
Gentle arms of Morpheus,
To soothe and soft refresh
From days hard labour;
Nay, resigned am I to
The slow tick of curs-ed clock,
Which scythes away
Minute by minute, hour by
Creeping hour.


Reblog: The Artist And His Lovers Doom

I’ve been watching The Portrait Artist Of The Year this evening, and it’s made me even more frustrated that I cannot paint. But, in honour, I thought I’d reblog this piece. Hope you like it.

The artist locked in sunlit room
paints picture of his lovers doom,
enthralled to inspirations muse
it matters not what paint to use.
For image grown on canvas pure
will show the truth of which he’s sure,
continuing ill fated tryst
is more than his poor soul could risk.
But cowards blood pumps through his veins
no strength to pick through loves remains,
so using his creative art
he paints the state of foolish heart.
Will world be shown his finished piece
so granting love’s unchained release,
or will it lie in sunlit room
this picture of his lovers doom.

Reblog : Moon

My muse seems to have taken her leave, and as such, although I have such a desire to write, my well is dry. So, I thought I’d look back at some posts from this time last year. Here is one I particularly like, and it’s also inspired by this post here. (There is one slight tweak to the original, I’ve used the word ‘doth’ twice in this one). I hope those who have not seen this before enjoy it.

We kissed ‘neath moon
that waxes so,
and wondered who
would see our glow;
when passions hold
doth grip with lust,
and skin is brushed
with starlights dust.

This night of shine
that pleases so,
with thoughts of love
in passions throe;
the very light
of lunar grin,
that tones the world
as tarnished tin.

Hold me close
and kiss me dear,
with you the night
doth hold no fear;
and in our night
with moon above,
we’ll show the stars
what it is,
to love.

Reblog : Devil Clothed In Mortal Sin

A reblog this evening. Once more, I’m working on a couple of pieces, but this is here to tide me over. Hope those of you that have not read this before, enjoy it.

Devil clothed in mortal skin,
whispering words
of sweet tasting sin.

Hidden from view, in plain sight
walking among us
by day and by night.

Eyes that burn with crimson hue,
speak of the lies
that seem oh so true.

Encouraging evil, remaining apart
feeding the darkness
in tar blackened heart.

A single word in willing ear,
can change sweet slumber
to dreams filled with fear.

As each day passes, influence grows,
growing in power
while nobody knows.

Watch for this evil, be ever aware,
for though he may dwindle,
he’ll always be there.

Shaping the world and all that’s within,
this devil clothed,
in mortal skin.

Reblog : Falling

Dear readers, I am so sorry, but I have to reblog yet another. I am getting very frustrated with myself… has my muse fled for good? Am I now to be condemned to a world without words and poetry? I just cannot seem to take the images I see coalescing in my mind, and put them into words, as I have done before. Most annoying. Anyway. Enjoy this reblog. It’s a bit of a tragic one, but still, I hope you can get some pleasure from it. Thank you for your patience.

Gracefully falling,
wind whistles past
the ears of a man
who’s love left too fast.

With one last big step
he’s ending it all,
from the top of the bridge
with one final fall.

Living without her
his heart cannot stand,
cursing the nature
that shattered his plans.

True love and joy,
the future did hold
with a woman so precious
with which to grow old.

But life can be cruel
and the world most unkind,
stealing away what was once
so divine.

So with no friends around him,
and no family at all
he’s curing his pain
with one final fall.

Reblog : Creatures Of Sleep

Another reblog again today I’m afraid. It’s the same ol’ story – I have ideas, and some clear images I want to try and portray in words, but it’s hard at the moment finding the time. I will, this weekend, endeavour to get some original stuff together. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this reblog of one I wrote a while ago.
As always, much love,

What pageant of creatures
dark as pitch,
would visit a mind
foul bewitched,
to torture dreams
in wretched night,
and cause the peaceful
rest take flight.

What armies of
the blackened sea,
would scream with horror
beseeching me,
to follow down
to nightly shade,
and cause the light
to ever fade.

What leathered wing
and gnarl-ed claw,
would shovel flesh
to gaping maw,
to strip the skin
from every bone,
and wrest the heart
from in it’s home.

These terrors from
the sleeping world,
with eyes of tar
and blackened pearl,
never once
grant sweet respite,
from in the watches
of the night.

I know for sure
that dreams do fade,
and darkly beasts
into shadows made,
but journey where
these creatures live,
and nightmares they
will surely give.

Reblog : Books In The Stack

I’m afraid it’s another reblog today. I’m really quite tired, and am struggling with inspiration recently, so rather than leave my blog unused and unloved, I thought I’d reblog an old piece of work. This was originally inspired by FortyoneTeen and reading it back, I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t add more verses… maybe I’ll do that soon, but for now I hope you enjoy “Books In The Stack”.

Trawling the stacks
for gem like glint;
what beauty is found
amongst dust and lint.

Jacketed books of
prose never read;
pages in slumber but
not ever dead.

Authors of stories
whose names are now lost;
worlds never visited
seas never crossed.

These books are to history
as hands on a clock;
marking the time
of these places forgot.